Man behind CIA Defeat in Pakistan

By Zaheerul Hassan

Politics, security and peace are interlinked factors which are directly connected and get affected due to the policies of global powers. The, intelligence agencies play pivotal role in framing foreign policies of the states. However regional and international politics and security environment is being controlled by super powers in particularly through their intelligence agencies. In this connection, known top of the line agencies are CIA, Mossad, MI-6 and RAW. These agencies cultivate their agents and activate anti-state elements to ménage and completion of their set objectives in Asia. After culmination of cold war era and 9/11episode ,the countries like Russia, China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, India, Middle East States, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan have become main targets and focal points of CIA and its sister agencies’ activities. To push back foreign intelligence agencies, ISI under the supervision of a professional soldier “Lt General Ahmad Shuja Pasha” enormously done well for safe guarding of Pakistan’s national interest. CIA though remained successful in elimination of Osama Bin Laden (OBL) but overall failed to move further in completion of her set objectives. It is worth mentioning here that CIA’s , only claimed victory of “OBL killing” was too result of a basic information (cellular Call) which was provided to her by ISI.

General Pasha took the charge of country’s prestigious organ when democratic system was in progress in 2008. He has continuously led a professionally organization “ISI” for three years under harsh security environment and is retiring on March 18, 2012 after completion of a meritorious service. Reportedly, General Pasha has been asked to continue for another extension of one year but he has himself declined another one year extension offer of the Government as DG ISI.
Prime Minister of Pakistan Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani has on record admitted publicly that government itself offered and requested Gen Pasha for extension of his tenure. It is also on record that while addressing the Parliament in OBL episode of 2 May 2011 Gen Pasha presented his resignation in the Parliament and said that he was ready to go home as a retired officer if Parliament desired so but it was not accepted by the parliament His performance do remind me quotation of one of my teacher, “brave soldier always starts his career with pride and says goodbye with honour and respect”. Definitely the quotation mentioned proved true and he would be remembered as symbols of professional competence, devotion to duty and loyalty with full commitment.

After 9/11Pakistan offered unconditional support to US to fight and eliminate the terrorism, but unfortunately over a period of time US / CIA having developed some kind of malice against Pakistan started mistrusting ISI. There were clear signs of divergence of national interests between US and Pakistan. Hence, US led NATO forces especially CIA categorized ISI as a rival agency and failed to cooperate with the demands of ISI. On the other hand ISI offered full cooperation to CIA receiving bursting thrusts of terrorism. General Pasha dared to question the world’s powerful agency CIA to explain the goals of their operations and reveal the number of operatives present in Pakistani, using local and foreign assets. CIA simply scoffed at such demands made by ISI Chief and tended to bulldoze their way through. Resultantly Raymond Davis case occurred as a precursor to halt US free loitering in Pakistan especially unbridled CIA operations inside Pakistan. In fact General Pasha stood like a rock before US / CIA to protect Pakistan’s national interests. This made Pakistan more proud as General Pasha showed the moral courage and strength of character to look into the eyes of the then mighty CIA Chief Leon Panetta with firm resolve, steadfast position and unwavering courage to uphold Pakistani interests.
General Pasha has clear thoughts and sharp mind especially when dealing with the opponents. He plainly indicated to CIA Chief Leon Panetta that since CIA did not trust ISI, therefore, ISI was not bound to keep the ties as they were. Panetta was totally surprised on such an unexpected remark. Resultantly harsh words were exchanged between the two which led General Pashas to cut short his Washington visit and come back to Pakistan. It simply speaks of his courage, mental shrewdness and decision making power to make judgments and critical evaluation to safeguard Pakistan’s interests.

Notably, General Kayani and his team has displayed excellent professional capabilities, ISI unveiled the foreign agenda and fully supported security forces in eradication of terrorists. In this regards over 5000 civilians and 3000 troops including officers and men have laid down their lives. It also includes the martyring of over 78 intelligence officials while fighting in global war against terrorism. While addressing in-camera session General Pasha very loudly mentioned that 112 check posts of the allied forces as opposed to the 812 of the Pakistani forces. 2.8 million Individuals of Swat and surrounding area became IDPs. Pasha while addressing also maintained parliament that the actions of the United States were not expected from an ally in war against terrorism. He said that there is difference between India and the United States.

Anyhow recently, U.S. has been forced to announce her withdrawal from Afghan region after leaving behind bases. In so called war against terrorism, CIA always tried to pitch ISI against Haqqani Group of Taliban which was plainly refused by Pakistan, since ISI successfully unveiled foreign agenda. Again Pakistan supreme Intelligence agency “ISI” managed to get the immigration procedures operative for US / CIA / UN official to follow and get filtered as per local rules. Consequently the CIA spies working in the garb of trainers at police College Sihala, near Kahuta Nuclear Plant, were pushed out of such sensitive area sending them back to US. Hence, the nation is proud of his nationalistic posture and courageous stance of ISI and its Chief General Pasha. In short He certainly would be remembered as “Man behind CIA defeat In Pak-Afghan Region”.

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