Media can make Naya Pakistan

By Asad Khan Betiniindina media

Even if your intellect is a replica of “Plato”, The Mainstream Newspapers won’t allow your ideas reach millions of readers unless an elite bureaucrat or a leader intends to make news headline or contribute. What can you expect from such Mediums those are not the voice of general masses but a platform of particular contributors who have wrapped themselves in the cloak of patriotism, human rights or both to overawe and undermine the real ideology of Pakistan.  Do you have any idea how poor survive when cold or the warm weather is on its zenith? We must not forget IDPs, who are craving for medical aid; their loved ones are dying in vain, The Thar which is not being covered properly, and Balochistan an abyss of problems due to unnoticed corruption.  Mainstream Newspapers will only try to make headlines of The “President” or the “Opposition” or waiting for a “Mishap” to be happened, but won’t bother question local people of their snags. Our common crowds have turned into sacrificial animals and sole edibles of our failed democracy. The ignored people of FATA and Balochistan are strongly in dissonance, agitation and discomfort and their cities are on the verge of backwardness. Those representatives who are continuously elected must be brought into account if we want Naya Pakistan. Particularly, In Balochistan, one representative is elected again and again with a simple trick of aiding “needy people” during election campaigns.

We must remind these politicians their real purpose, we ought to enforce “The Success of Democracy”, and it is possible through engaging common citizen taking part in opinions at grass-root levels. Due to unawareness, illiteracy, blind fundamentalism, these people fall prey to political tactics and their long convincing speeches especially by Mullas or by other wealthy factions. There should be honesty without the thought of heaven or hell.  There are other high profile politicians too who can be named here, and I openly mention here honorable Asif Ali Zardari who has turned his back to Garhi Khuda Baksh Where people are starving to death, and the lack of many basic facilities, and the other so called heros of Sindh Who disregard Thar. Similarly Maulana Fazal ur Rehman has not done a single development work for the people of Dera Ismail Khan and not to speak of Balochistan because Corruption is still an instance of white ant in the province. The Media must enforce popular will, instead encouraging terrorist attacks with live coverage and front page stories, there should be minor amendments in our minds. I think the greatest Jihad is spreading educational awareness, through letting people know the practical means of popular sovereignty. These things are possible if an integrated effort is done by mainstream Media through the opinion polls with title of “Kia aap apnay muntakhib numainday say mutmaeen hayn?” At least there ought to be a soft corner for general masses of the parishes, towns and districts where they could share the progress report of their elected representatives and administration.If this concept is officially applied, it is not less than a grand proposal, through database or NADRA type organization can manage application to engage citizen in official public opinion programmes.  Media has to assume its real purpose and forget being pawn.


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