Mehran Rangers and Police salute MQM Rally

MQMBy Rida Zaheer

KARACHI:  MQM displayed solidarity with Armed Forces for start of operation against terrorists.   Thousands of people gathered in Karachi and paid tribute to the martyred of security forces. “We hold this endeavor in high regard as it will go a long, long way in boosting the ‘esprit de corps’ of Pakistan’s sentinels”, a spokesman for the paramilitary troops said.

Praying for the steadfastness of Pakistan’s security forces in this war on terror, the spokesman also saluted the MQM Coordination Committee for organizing and the participants for making the rally a huge success. Meanwhile a statement issued by Sindh Police also full of praise for MQM’s rally.

“We express our deepest gratitude to all those who showed up at MQM’s rally to express solidarity with security and law enforcement agencies fighting the scourge of terrorism”, the statement said.

The statement further said that Sindh police would never flinch back from laying down their lives to defeat the menace of terrorism. “It is our solemn pledge that this war will reach its logical end with success, come what may”, the police spokesman added


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