Musharraf Trial: Try of Dragging Real Issues Away

mushraf By Zaheerul Hassan

 Newly elected democratic government is facing challenges like restoring of economy, energy crises, the most sensitive security issue and price hike.  The government instead taking steps of improving upon and meeting the said challenges, the federal government on 24 June 2013 has informed the Supreme Court that it was ready to take action under the ‘high treason’ act against former President Mushrraf and those who have violated the constitution.  The government action of announcing the trial of Mushrraf has given birth to many questions like; are rulers made an attempt to drag the nation away from the real issues?, is it a conspiracy against newly elected?,   What’s the hurry of carrying out Mushrraf trial? Has the government provided a forum for criticizing military elite? Why the rulers hesitate in condemning U.S., India and UK for their involvement in militancy of Balochistan and FATA? Why political elite failed to come on same page against terrorism?

Ruthless killing of foreign tourists, attacking Justice of Sindh High Court, recent terrorist attacks in Balochistan, targeting Ziarat Residency, murdering daughters of nation in Sardar Bahadur Khan Women University, brutal killing in Bolan Medical Complex, and suicide attack in a funeral at Mardan, has created sense of insecurity and sorrow among masses. Anti establishment and anti LEAs (Law Enforcing Agencies) politicians including Ministers, lawyers and some Human Rights (HR) activists are issuing statements which are tantamount to Army and ISI bashing. The objectives of ongoing  militancy is to create a perception among the masses that LEAs are solely responsible for all the chaos, carnage and disorder in Balochistan and hence punitive measures be taken to restrict the authority of LEAs while empowering those elements  who are well reputed for their anti Armed Forces perspective.

The other divisive psychological campaigns are being run to widen the gulf between civil-military leadership and spoil civil-military relations. Unfortunately some renowned pseudo journalists proved their inner disloyalty and treacherous infidelity against the state of Pakistan by maligning ISI and LEAs for serial terrorist attacks in Ziarat Residency and Quetta, by giving a new turn / twist to the entire situation asserting that it is a reaction to the demands of missing persons and mutilated bodies.

They failed to condemn the terrorist attack and express condolence for those who sacrificed their lives in the three incidents of terrorist blitzkrieg in Balochistan. In TV Talk shows some of journalists’ stance was firm and explicit which appeared to have been designed to promote the cause of RAW and BLA. Hence, they have only tried to hide the facts but also attempted to mislead the audience by saying that recent events were actually a reaction to kill and dump policy of the state agencies. In this regard, the anchors of electronic channels of some media group started running against country’s security and intelligence agencies. Alleging, LEAs behind terrorist attacks in Balochistan is simply ridiculous and an uncalled for assertion. Such type of nonsense approach adopted by the media pundits simple reveal that they are being played in foreign hands just to  blame  own intelligence agencies to an extent that they get demoralized and ineffective is also deplorable.

Political elite should realize that situation in Balochistan is complex one and needs deep understanding of its dynamics and sensitivities. The nation must adopt a more cohesive posture rather than getting driven away by foreign plots.

Involvement of foreign hand in Balochistan cannot be ruled out as U.S.UK and Switzerland, have already extended political asylum to some of separatists.  They are being provided open fora to internationalise Balochistan issue. Therefore, time has come to expose all those foreign forces irrespective of their power and prestige, who are involved in creating trouble in Balochistan.

Moreover, our top leadership must own their national assets including intelligence agencies and LEAs. Foreign elements appear to be working fast in spreading rumors and creating false impressions that Pakistan’s own LEAs are involved in terrorist attacks in Balochistan. Their aim is to exploit civil-military relations in Pakistan with a view to worsen them to a point of no return.

Govts both at federal and provincial level must own responsibility for what is happening in the country and make plans to reduce the strength of militants. Top political leadership and Govt functionaries must support the LEAs and intelligence agencies to encourage them for their future performance and should stop supporting the cause of terrorists and separatists indirectly by blaming own LEAs.

In short, government should pay attention to put the country on track while preparing and implementing comprehensive security, economic and energy policies  to defeat  our biggest enemies like; poverty, terrorism, sectarianism, illiteracy and others hindrances in the way of country development. The government should know that any action against former President Mushrraf and reopening of old Swiss case would be consider of adding concern in the armed forces and diverting masses attention from real issues mentioned above.

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