Nepal In 2023 (Bikram Sambat 2080 Simanantar) – Book

Nepal In 2023Nepal In 2023
(Bikram Sambat 2080 Simanantar)
By Dhurba Kumar Deoja

A journalist is not a fortune teller, but noted journalist Dhurba Kumar Deoja has described the fortune of Nepal in his political fiction “Bikram Sambat 2080 Simanantar” or in this translated novel, “Nepal in 2023”. He has described about the political scenario of 2080 BS i.e. Nepal in 2023/24. He released the political fiction on 18 October, 1995, before the political changes took place in Nepal. He has very clearly described how the political leaders were running behind Indian currency and pleasing the Indians for power. Most significantly, he has described how the citizenship amendment bill was going to be endorsed from the parliament. He had written the fiction more than a decade before the endorsement of the citizenship law amendment by making Indians eligible for getting Nepali citizenship certificates.

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