No More Modi as Indian PM

by Balbir Singh Sooch
Obama where liked to visit India, there at the same time never ever spared commenting upon Modi and his governship too.Few days back he openly made comments against Indian PM while saying,

Could the majority of intolerant voters think so in India, “And so if you see a politician doing things that are questionable, one of the things as a citizen is to ask yourself ‘Am I encouraging, or supporting or giving license to the values I’m hearing out of the politician?” As Former President Barack Obama advised.

In the context such ‘Some in NDA don’t want Modi as PM again, says Union Minister’ could prove wrong in the given intolerant and lynching circumstances in India.

Though “Mr. Barack Obama said. “Because frankly speaking, politicians tend to be more of a mirror and more of a reflection of forces in the society” rightly advised to Indians to amend yourself now in India.

The advice of Mr. Barack Obama may likely to prove wrong now for Indians. But Mr. Barack Obama is very rightly said, “The politicians usually reflect public opinion i.e. as of intolerance in India. Isn’t? Balbir Singh Sooch observed

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