Pakistan Cricket Team Need Surgery

By Rida Zaheer
After receiving shameful and horrible defeats in the hands of Australian Kangaroos and Newsy land, Pakistan Cricket team reached on Lahore Airport on 28 January 2017. Both in test and one day matches terrible performance have been shown in fielding, batting and bowling. The ream has to play the qualified round of the nest world cup. The team even failed to face the people standing on airport and also avoided media personals waiting for them at the arrival lounge of Lahore Airport.
Days converted into dreams when Pakistan Cricket teams was one of the best world class team, free of politics, free of gambling, nation use to love and pride its team, players like, Majid, Khan, Asif Iqbal, Zaheer Abbass, Intikhab Allam, Wasim Raja, Sarfraz, Wasim Bari, Imran Khan, were ours assets. Pakistan Team never bothers about Sri Lanka, Newsy land and Bangladesh in that golden time.
The world cup away is not far away thus Pakistan Cricket Board should sitting down and positively analyzes the defeat and future action plan to improve the individual and overall performance of the team. If the board really wants to serve the nation and country then it should consider merit based selection and without any hesitation replace the old players with the young energetic players.
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