Pakistan looking for NATO supply resumption – Sherry Rehman

Sherry Rehman on NATO SuppliesPakistan’s Ambassador to the U.S. Sherry Rehman has said that Islamabad is looking at ‘positive conversation’ about reopening of NATO supply routes during the Chicago Summit.

Rehman, however, stressed that it would be pre-mature to say when the trucks will resume supply.

During an interview with CNN, she also said that ‘Pakistan is still demanding President Barrack Obama’s apology over killing of 24 soldiers in US air strikes.’

According to The Express Tribune, when asked about the crossing over of four trucks into Afghanistan, Rehman insisted that they are allowing ‘diplomatic cargo and trucks.’

“We are allowing diplomatic cargo, and as far as I know, trucks, cargo and lorries are suspended, ban on some humanitarian supply may have lifted, but no serious materials have been crossing over and all have been suspended for six months,” the paper quoted her, as saying.

About the formal apology from the US over November 26 NATO air strikes, Rehman said this issue is not going off the table.

She said a joint sitting of the Parliament has asked for a formal apology from the US and Pakistani people seek restriction over air strikes’ deaths. (ANI)

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