Pakistan needs action not just Ordinances

Pakistan needs action not just Ordinances 2Posted By Javed Iqbal
Tuesday, October 22, 2013 – THE Government, on Sunday, issued yet another ordinance in an attempt to tighten noose around the neck of terrorists and those involved in heinous crimes. The new Ordinance enhances the level of sentences and also envisages establishment of special Police Stations to handle cases relating to terrorism and other crimes of serious nature. It also seeks designation of Special Federal Courts to render inexpensive justice with promptitude.

It is the duty of the Government to ensure protection of life and property of the citizens and with this in view the new piece of law would surely go a long way in moving towards realization of that cherished objective. The terrorists and hardened criminals are moving freely even after carrying out target killing of one hundred innocent people just because of lacuna in the existing laws. Credit goes to the Committee headed by PML-N’s legal brain Zahid Hamid for coming out with necessary recommendations for amendments and improvements in the existing laws and the Government has promptly enforced them. Hopefully, the situation would change after implementation of the measures envisaged in the new Ordinance. However, we believe that in the first place even the enhanced punishments are unlikely to serve as a deterrent as the Government has put a cap on the death penalty. It is beyond comprehension that a person who takes dozens of innocent lives is just awarded maximum punishment of ten years and is free again to indulge in same criminal activities. Secondly, we believe that if there is genuine will and determination on the part of police, courts and the executive, even the existing laws were sufficient to take care of the situation we are currently finding ourselves in. Therefore, the main issue is of implementation and action and not just issuance of Ordinances. We hope that police would carry out speedy investigations followed by speedy trials by undeterred judges.

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