Pakistan Resolution Day – 23 March 2019

by Rida Zaheer

The Day was celebrated all over Pakistan with  great enthusiasm . Is also known as  Lahore Resolution and

remembered as “Qarardad-e-Lahore in history.  This time it become very very special Day since our rival  tried to imposed war against Pakistan just after Pulwama  suicidal attack carried  out by a freedom fighter on 14 Feb 2019. In this attack  almost 49 soldiers of  Indian  Border forced  were  . Later on 2 MIG 21 air crafts of Indian Air Force shot down when they crossed Pakistan territory .

Anyway , since Pakistan does not officially publish the Lahore Resolution on 23rd March in the newspapers many people are unaware of its importance. Many people still do not know what was proposed on this day by the Muslim League. Let me explain it in detail.

On the same day, the Muslims from all over British India gathered at Manto Park Lahore where you can see Minar-e-Pakistan today. The then Manto Park witnessed a huge gathering of Muslims for the demand of a separate homeland for a free life. All the members of Muslim League gathered here under the leadership of Quaid-e-Azam for neck or nothing.

The Muslims passed a resolution on 23rd March 1940 at Manto Park Lahore, and the Resolution was, “The democratic systems working in England where homogeneous nation lives are not applicable to a heterogeneous society like India. It is admitted that In India, there are various nations. The Muslims are not safe here, and a separate homeland for their survival is unavoidable. So, the constitution must be evolved as India is vast enough to be divided into two parts. The Muslims constitute a big minority, and they are in large number to constitute a nation.”

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