Pakistani Engineer Used Water as Car Fuel

Thatta, Special Report by Shoaib Habib Memon:

A Pakistani From District Khairpur Province Sindh-based Mechanical engineer has made such a unique claim that is apparently too hard to ‘digest’ but he is confident that a device recently developed by him can help use water as a fuel to run motor vehicles. Agha Waqar demonstrated in Sports Complex in presence of Federal Minister for

Pakistani Engineer Replaced Petrol with Water as Car Fuel

Science and Technology Mir Changez Khan Jamali, Federal. Minister for Information and Broadcasting Qamar Zaman Kaira, Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Syed Khurshid Ahmad Shah, Deputy Speaker of National Assembly Faisal Karim Kundi and Advisor of Prime Minister on Petroleum Dr. Asim Husssain. During the demonstration Engineer Waqar gave the responses of Scientists, Bureaucrats, Academias and Media persons and said that if government give him full required facility than he can convert large number of vehicles engines into water kits. He also rejected impression that vehicle cannot run on water. Then ,Mechanical Engineer Agha Waqar Ahmad  got the opportunity to Show its device, He was quite confident when he appeared before senior officer of Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) and senior engineers for demonstration of his claim. During the demonstration he showed a kit that according to him can be fitted with an engine that can give a mileage of 40km per litre for a motor vehicle but for a motor bike the mileage would be as much as 150 km. He said the kit that can be attached to the motor engine use electrolysis to split the water into two component molecules — hydrogen and oxygen — and then inject the resulting hydrogen into the engine’s combustion process to power the car along with the gasoline. Doing this, makes the gasoline burn cleaner and more completely thus making the engine more efficient. According to the PSF officials the demonstration was so strong that they brought the mechanical engineer to a meeting held under the chairmanship of Secretary of Ministry of Science and Technology Akhlaq Ahmad Tarar. The representatives of other organisations also attended the meeting including Engineering Development Board, Ministry of Industries, Hydrocarbon Development Institute and Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering.  Agha Waqar told the meeting that he is working on the project for the last two years and running vehicle on water by using the kit developed by him. He claimed that his kit bears no negative impact on the vehicle and it is safe having no risk of backfire or backlash.  The participants of the meetings made different queries about safety standards of the vehicle and efficiency of the kit. Tarar encouraged the invention and guided Waqar to file an application with Engineering Development Board (EDB) of Ministry of Industries for approval to commercialise the device. The federal secretary also directed PSF to facilitate Waqar in filing the application with EDB. The EDB representative told the meeting that on receiving the application the matter could be placed before Board for technical evaluation of the device. Views sought from some other mechanical engineers stated that the currently accepted laws of Physic provide no way to extract chemical energy from water alone. A water-fuelled would rely on some form of electrolysis to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen and then recombine them to release energy, however, because of the energy required to separate the elements would always be at least as great as the energy released that can be used to produce net energy.  The Prime Minister of Pakistan Raja Pervaiz Ashraf formed a committee to review running of vehicles on water.According to Private TV channel, the committee comprises Religious Affairs Minister Khursheed Shah, Federal Minister for Science and Technology Mir Changez Khan Jamali and Advisor to the Prime Minister on Petroleum and Natural Resources Dr. Asim Hussain. The first meeting of the committee will held on Tuesday during which engineer Agha Waqar, who successfully experimented running of vehicles on water, will brief the members of the committee.Officials of ministry of Science and Technology will also attend the meeting. The committee will submit its report to the Prime Minister. Courtesy:


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