Pakistan:Major Shoaib Embraced Shahadit (Martyred )

By Zaheerul Hassan 

Pakistan Armed Forces sacrificed their lives for us whenever nation need. thousands of soldiers have been martyred while eliminating foreign sponsored terrorism . Similarly , Armed Forces have played its role in rescuing people in natural disasters too. On 10 March , Maj Shoaib who survived the Mi 17 crash with 90% burns left for this eternal abode yesterday . After the crash he pulled out 2 men who have both survived and walked to the ambulance before collapsing unconscious. Unable to open his eyes, he told his wife to take care of his mother and 2 daughters before he was evacuated to Kharian Army burn hospital. He asked about Amir, his co pilot and course-mate who didn’t survive the crash. Multiple heart attacks, swellings and infections finally took him from us. His heroic act of valor in saving his crew while he himself burned will be not be forgotten. Allah bless him the highest place in jannat. Ameen.
Salute……… Prayers.

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