Peace in Afghanistan will Leave No Justification for American Presence in Afghanistan!

Khalid Baig

Has the Trump become so much powerful like a Dictator that there is no one to stop him on his undiplomatic tweets and tone? The clear answer is that the White Racist group of America identified as the NEOCONS have succeeded in procuring the control of the USA. Majority of these racists are linked with the business of manufacturing of weapons, products of petroleum and property; they are in majority in the Republican Party.

These White racists considered as having the brutal mentality maybe called as the American Taliban or ISIS who does not hesitate to kill mass numbers of people for their business. They control the American army, CIA, and other security agencies. I the Soviet Union has not been disintegrated after the invasion in Afghanistan and Central Asian states have not been separated; America would have never thought about Afghanistan. The natural resources in the Central Asian states of Kirghizstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan are approximately 33% of the world resources. If we add up the resources of Afghanistan into these; it was impossible for Greedy American Investors to stop themselves from invading into Afghanistan under the garb of self-staged 9/11 drama with the 140,000 troops equipped with weapons of mass destruction and 25000 allied soldiers. Now this question is of no use that how Taliban were formed or who established Al-Qaeda. American analysts believe that all these evil powers were created by American establishment.
Prominent American neoconservatives

The neoconservatives were the driving force in the George W. Bush administration’s war on Iraq and, in so doing, went a long way toward forming US policy in the Middle East that has continued later on
But today’s problem is that why America is angry at Pakistan and what she wants from Pakistan? When the USA invaded Afghanistan with all her military might, she did not expect any resistance. Although America had invaded Afghanistan under the so-called agenda of ending the Taliban reign her real target was the resources of the Central Asian States and Afghanistan. But the unexpectedly strong resistance made her forget all her plans and worry for the protection of her troops. In such a scenario, India along with the Northern Alliance, succeeded in brainwashing the Americans that Pakistan is supporting Afghan fighters. Based on this hypothesis American demanded to DO MORE from Pakistan and gave free hand to India in Afghanistan for her anti-Pakistan activities. India hijacked the American war on terror and converted it into war against Pakistan. Although America was aware of the ground realities she kept stubborn to her demand to DO MORE. Pakistan offered to seal of the Pak-Afghan border by erecting fences; astonishingly those internal elements (who think politics of KPK and Balochistan is incomplete without them) resisted more of this offer than USA and Afghanistan. They are not concerned that terrorism in Pakistan is being controlled from Afghanistan. After increasing terrorist attacks in Pakistan, Pakistan was forced to implement well-coordinated Border Management System ignoring internal or external resistance. When Pakistan started arresting those who attempted to enter Pakistan without travel documents and from unauthorized routes; India and Afghanistan did not like it and their anger against Pakistan started. Although they did not protest over it, puppet govt. of Afghanistan started giving statements Pakistan and attacks over Pakistan military check-posts at Afghanistan border. India also started unprovoked shelling while attacks over Afghanistan border have also increased manifolds. Although these attacks are being done by terrorists hiding in Afghanistan they have the support of America, India, and Afghan govt. The situation on the ground shows that after putting Pakistan’s name in “Watch List” America will not directly attack Pakistan but use these attacks of terrorists from Afghanistan as a new strategy and attempt to fuel anti-Pakistan sentiments in tribal areas through propaganda.
ISIS militants in Afghanistan

Keeping these developments in mind, the erection of fort-like checkpoints and erecting of secondary barbed wire fence is under construction. Moreover, 400 fortresses are also being constructed. Hundreds of projects of health and education are also under development in tribal areas including the latest medical facilities, cadet colleges, technical vocational institutes, schools and colleges, construction of roads to strengthen agriculture etc. all these projects will uplift the standard of living of tribal areas. But as these areas are linked with Afghanistan, they have security threats not from Taliban but new creation of America i.e. ISIS. Whose control and number in areas adjacent to Pakistan is increasing astonishingly. According to Afghan resources, American CIA is funding and organizing ISIS militants in the name of Private Security Force namely Khost Protection Force, Kandahar Strike Force and Afghan Security Guards; they include the local criminals and terrorists from Syria and Iraq notorious for killing human beings brutally. They are being established with the cooperation of Afghan NDS and Indian RAW. According to American media, Trump establishment wants to crush Taliban through proxy war / unconventional war and stop peace process with Taliban; this will push Afghanistan into a new bloodshed and massacre. Its effects will also be borne by Pakistan as well.

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