“POF Eye Gun” is much better than Israeli “Corner Shot”

By Chaudhry Nasimullah


Pakistan achieved a milestone in the 2008 in the field of small ammo when they successfully developed a special purpose gun “POF EYE” This gun is in the answer of “Corner Shot” by ISRAEL.That shows PAKISTAN is also independent in defense and has the power to invent new technology weapon. This weapon is purely developed in Pakistan by “POF” that was put before public in the IDEAS-2008 seminar at Karachi. It is designed for the Special Forces & this gun is designed to work in street corner without the target (or enemy soldier) in sight.

It consists of a segmented, assault rifle-type folding stock, pistol-grip contraption, onto which is attached a pistol of choice and a compact, detachable color video camera. A lateral left and right swinging hinge mechanism and a remote trigger control allow the user to drop the hammer on targets from behind the safety and comfort of any right-angled structure. According to one of the designers, Ashfaq Ahmad, the overall designing and finalizing of this gun took 6 months. Currently Pakistan and Israel are the only two countries who manufacture the Corner Shot gun.


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