Pro-Pakistan Baloch militia pushed out BLA Militants from Mustung

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Mustung, Baluchistan, June 24: Locals witnessed heavy clashes between the two rival groups where the Baloch Musalah Defah Tanzeem(BMDT) a pro Pakistan militia led by Haibatan Mengal cleaned the district Mustung from Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) and hoisted the national flag right in front of the ‘Farrari camp’ used by BLA militants,on Monday, signalling the wipe-out of militants from their stronghold.

A statement issued by Haibatan Mengal the commander of B.M.D.T group said that the district Mustung was cleaned from anti-Pakistan elements after a successful ambuPro-Pakistan Baloch militia re-claimed Mustung from the rival B.L.A: Sourcessh by the BMDT.

“We announce the patriotic people of Baluchistan that the task of cleansing Mustung district from terrorists has been successfully completed which was once occupied by Foreign funded criminal group.  We Muslims shall never allow anyone to work against the unity of Pakistan in the name of freedom, we warn terrorists to immediately stop their activities as they are not supported by patriotic Baloch people,” said the statement.

Some 43 terrorists from BLA clan have been reportedly killed in the clash including the 2 local commanders of BLA Babo Baloch and Qadir Baloch.

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