RAW Behind Killing of NDS and CIA Operatives in Kandhar

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Gen. Raziq’s brother appointed as new police chief

On October 18th, Kandahar’s Governor, Afghanistan’s powerful Police Chief Abdul Raziq and NDS Provincial Chief Abdul Mohmin along with two others died in an insider attack. This attack left the power vacuum in the Southern Province of Afghanistan. According to reports an intelligence setup was established inside Governor House Kandahar to maintain optimum secrecy and deception. It is worth mentioning that the intelligence setup inside the Governor House was the joint venture of NDS, RAW and CIA. Two companies of Black Water (CIA) XEE and XZEE were also imparting training to Afghan youth, Indian nationals, ETM and IMU militants for launching them to Pakistan etc 888 Brigade was the cover name of that intelligence/terrorist setup which was working inside Kandahar’s Governor House and various cover officers / officials of RAW were also placed there.

According to reliable sources, so-called 888 Brigade remained involved in terrorist activities inside Pakistan. They were running a setup at hill top of Splanji near Quetta which was later destroyed by law enforcement agencies of Pakistan. They have tried to establish a setup in Kohat which was successfully wiped out by security forces as well. This notorious 888 Brigade remained indulged in arm and drug trafficking inside Pakistan in collaboration of Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) of USA, an offshoot of CIA. Similarly they pushed terrorists/suicidal bombers into Pakistan through various unfrequented routes from Afghanistan and Iran. Kulbhushan Jadhav also entered from the same routes and had deep roots with 888 Brigade.
In the attack on Governor House, notorious powerful police chief Lt. Gen. Abdul Raziq was also killed. The controversial Kandahar police chief, described by Human Rights Watch last year as the Southern Province’s “Torturer in Chief”, had risen through the ranks to become one of the most powerful security heads in Afghanistan. Abdul Raziq, the Quetta born Achakzai had proclaimed nexus with multiple terrorist organizations in Pakistan and Afghanistan such as TTP, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Jumat-ul-Ahrar, BLA, MQM, BLF and ISKP. With the help of these terrorist organizations, Raziq carried out various terrorist acts inside Pakistan such as attack on Lawyers in Quetta, attack on Police Training Center Quetta, attacks on Hazara Community in Quetta, attack on APS Peshawar, etc.

Killing of NDS and CIA Operatives in Kandahar

Gen. Abdul Raziq was not only involved in terrorist activities inside Pakistan but was also disreputable for brutal and unlawful killings of innocent Afghanis. He was working as a mercenary for the devil forces. According to reports he was running his own jails and torture centers to punish his political opponents and Afghan Taliban. The Kandahar attack on Governor House is substantive evidence that the Governor House in Kandahar was primarily under the control of spy masters of NDS, RAW and CIA. The assassination of the Afghan Army general, NDS chief and governor himself along with three CIA operatives is self-speaking of Governor House being used for nefarious state sponsored terrorism.
Against this backdrop the previous Afghan president Hamid Karzai became sick and tired of late Raziq’s obnoxious activities and transferred him from Kandahar to Kabul. After sometime being remained dormant, he subsequently managed his placement as Director General Border Security Forces Kandahar. He also supervised police activities in Kandahar province and covertly visited India-RAW headquarter for provision of sophisticated equipment provided to RAW by MOSSAD.

Apparently, the differences which erupted between Kandhar based RAW diplomat Jagdev Krishna and Lt. Gen. Abdul Raziq (late) was a result of disagreement over percentage share of kickbacks from the deal purchases of night vision devices, telescope fitted snipers and chemical agents from Israeli Intelligence agency, Mossad. The RAW agent finally settled the dispute by cultivating a proxy in the inner security cordon of Governor House – the front organization of NDS, which resulted in massive killing of NDS-CIA high-value personnel. However, it is now to be seen how things will unfold after Tadeen Khan, brother of late Gen. Raziq will assume the charge as a new DG Border Security Force/ Police Chief of Kandhar, Afghanistan.
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