RAW Conspiracy against Sikh nation

One of my Sikh readers sent me an email about the conspiracy going against Sikh nation while inducting RAW agents in the Sikh organization and also sending Sikh individuals in the neighbouring countries for subversive activities.   I am posting the same email for the readers’ consumption to know the RAW’ s motives against Sikh nation.

Indian Infiltration of Sikh Organizations

RAW agent Dr.Amarjit Singh

The Indian government has used many tactics to undermine theSikh. struggle for freedom.  It hasinfiltrated organizations such as the World Sikh Organization.  It even infiltrated and continues to control  Babbar Khalsa, the organization thatIndia accused of carrying out the Air India bombing.  By accusing Babbar Khalsa, it is essentially taking theblame itself.  The organization’sprimary backer received a $2 million loan from the State Bank of India justbefore the Air India  attack,according to Kashmeri and McAndrew.  Many other Sikh  organizations have been heavily infiltrated by Indian.  Another Indian tactic is to set upparallel organizations. One such  organization isthe so-called Khalistan Affairs Center, set up by the mysterious RAW agentAmarjit Singh.  Amarjit Singh, whoclaims to be a doctor but is neither a Ph.D. nor an MD, will notreveal where his family is from in Punjab or when he came to America.  He will not let anyone know anything about his background.  Nor can he say where his money comesfrom.  Yet he is able to afford anoffice in the expensive National Press Building in Washington, DC, anoffice which is usually  unoccupied, and he is able to afford expensive newspaper advertisements.  Amarjit Singh was recently banned from Canada.  Perhaps he would like to explain to theSikh Nation why he was banned. When will the United States ban him and send him back to his Indian paymasters?

vaid (Dr)Amarjit Singh

Wheredid this Vaid (Dr?) get his ‘doctorate’, which university, in whichfield/subject, etc.? Who is the employer of this vaid (Dr) Amarjit Singh, doeshe pay any income tax to the Internal Revenue Service of the United States?Being a former ‘Spokesman’ of the Panthic Committee of Dr Sohan Singh ofChandigarh, does he receive any directions to run the affairs of (any) PanthicCommittee? He oughts to clarify his activities to his employer(s), ifany.-Awatar Singh Sekhon (Machaki)


(Dr) AmarjitSingh Hakimor vaid.

He is aHakim or vaid. He may be considered a doctor provided he answers his degree ofdoctorate, expertise, institution awarded the doctorate and country of awardingthe doctorate. Additionally, he has been in the United States of America,entered as Spokesman, Dr Sohan Singh’s Panthic Committee. However, it appearsthat he has dissociated himself with the Panthic Committee, as Dr Sohan Singhhas gone back to Chandigarh, PUNJAB. He is in the U S since 1990s, but what arehis sources of earning, who sponsored him to enter the U S? Is he aself-employed, or employed by some resturent(s), or some Gurdwara as Pracharak,it is anybody’s guess. Does he file his income tax return to the IRS:US sincehe entered the U S? And by the way, under what name does he file his income taxreturn? Under so many questions at so many times, he does not believe inanswering them. Maybe people like him (Hakim) too. Should you have any furtherinformation about him, please do let us know. Reliable source(s) indicate thathe might have contacts with the anti-Guru Khalsa Panth, although it has to beconfirmed. Undoubtedly, he travels from East to West and South to North of theUnited States almost every week. I wonder who picks up the tab of histravelling? It is anybody’s guess. -Awatar Singh Sekhon (Machaki)


vaid (Dr)Amarjit Singh

have you beenbanned entering Canada,

RegardingBhai (the so-called doctor) Amarjit Singh:Which university has awarded you thedegree of ‘Doctorate’, in which field, what is your source of earning, who isyour employer, what are the names of your parents, have you been bannedentering Canada, what is your role is the Sikh Youth of America, the bannedSikh organization, International Sikh Youth Federation, when and how did youenter the United States of America, what are you up to, etc., etc.,? You arerequired to answer the above questions. -Awatar Singh Sekhon (Machaki)

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