RAW, MOSSAD and CIA Nexus Exposed? Fake Mumbai Attacks 2008

By Javed Jamshed

The nexus between RAW, MOSSAD and CIA traces its origin to decades’ old association, particularly their joint ventures in creation of Bangladesh in 1971 and toppling of Iranian Govt of Raza Shah Pahlavi through Khomeni Revolution. These organizations are carrying out covert operations in South Asia particularly in Indian’s peripheral countries with a China Specific approach.

RAW is operating on the foot prints of CIA and MOSSAD and is functional as a “state with in a state” in India. The RAW functionaries are neither answerable to their parliament nor to the Chief Executive of the country (Prime Minister of India). RAW is also not dependent on financial assistance from Indian Government. It generates its own funds from arms smuggling to other countries, drug trafficking in connivance with US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and printing / distributing fake currencies.

MOSSAD and CIA also financially assist RAW to carry out its covert operations in the Muslim world. RAW does not take its Government in confidence before conducting any activity / operation within its own county or abroad. The selection of Taj Mahal Palace Hotel Mumbai for orchestrating a terrorist attack drama through its own proxies and killing approximately 170 Indians including foreigners is the classic example of its belligerent Hindutva mindset.

Soon after the attack began, the Indians state organs including external affairs and information / broadcasting ministries were seen succumbed to the pressure tactics of RAW / CIA. They immediately instigated a vigorous propaganda against Pakistan through its electronic and print media. Particularly an Indian TV journalist and anchor Anita Pertap, in excitement, broke the news of terror attack and pointed finger towards Pakistan-Punjab based religio–political party headed by Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, (Milli Muslim League) and immediately demanded his arrest and trial. This was done prior to any apprehension or investigation by Indian authorities or the culmination of the terror attack as a matter of fact.

The Indian media reported the incident as, “a series of attacks that took place in November 2008, when 10 members of Lashkar-e-Taiba, an Islamic militant organization based in Pakistan, carried out a series of 12 coordinated shooting and bombing attacks lasting four days across Mumbai.” The electronic / print media in Pakistan also picked up the sensational news from the Indian media.

 The TV / News Journalists in Pakistan carried out investigations and secured not only the chronological sequence of events of Mumbai Attack but also the corroborative / incriminating evidence regarding perpetrators of Mumbai terrorist attack and exposed the true face of RAW. The journalists investigation revealed that Murli Das alias Ajmal Kasab was brought up in an orphanage in Kupwara. He was recruited by Indian Liaison Unit (LU) – a link between RAW and Indian Military Intelligence for launching Indian agents for terrorism activities in Pakistan. He was trained in Indian Army Unit (12 Mohar ex 4 Brigade – Tangdhar). Later he was launched into Pakistan via Jura / Aathmuqam for his mission where he procured Pakistani documents, NIC etc to carry out clandestine operations in Pakistan as a Pakistani national. He managed all this in connivance with Rajesh Mithal (RAW cover officer in the guise of Indian diplomat at Indian Embassy Islamabad).

Meanwhile the RAW officer also arranged his meeting with Lala Malik Ishaq (Organizer Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, a proscribed terrorist organization and an off shoot of RAW operating in Pakistan). Lala Ishaqe (LeJ) took him along to a training camp at Spin Baldak near Pak-Afghan border which was run under supervision of an Afghan intelligence officer – Jagturan (Capt) Lal Jehan.

After the completion of training he and some other individuals were then sent to unknown destinations in Pakistan with small consignments of arm / ammunitions and money. Murli Das came to Gujranwala / Gujrat and started living with defunct Lashkar-e-Jhengvi cadres, and remained in contact with Islamabad based RAW officer. Being wheat-ish in complexion and short structured, he merged with the local population. He along with LeJ cadres carried out terrorist activities in Lahore and Pakpatan. To elude arrest, he and Lala Ishaque came to a ferrari camp located at “Splingi” (on tri-border junction of Baluchistan, Punjab and Sindh provinces) where he stayed for a few months before coming back to Gujranwala.

Rajesh Mithal (RAW cover officer) running a front organization of carpet shop often visited Lahore to meet his agents. Luckily, he was intercepted by Law Enforcing Agencies (LEAs) and during course of preliminary investigations he confessed his involvement in patronizing terrorist activities in Pakistan. The RAW officer was declared persona non grata and sent back to New Delhi. Meanwhile Murli Das alias Ajmal Kasab managed to illegally cross Indo-Pak border with the help of Mama Khapia (Petty smuggler) in connivance with Indian Border Security Force. Lala Malik Ishaq (LeJ) was subsequently killed in a police encounter near Bahawalnagar along-with some LeJ terrorists.

Mama Khapia was intercepted by law enforcement agencies in Pakistan while crossing border from Amritsar when coming back from India. He, during course of interrogation, revealed that he had left Murli Das alias Ajmal Kasab at Ali Bagh, a coastal town near Mumbai, from where he was relocated to New Delhi at the time of mama’s arrest. Rest is all known to everyone how later; Ajmal Kasab was caught and tried against the charges of Mumbai attacks. The whole drama was staged in a bid to defame Pakistan and declare it a terrorist state.

 Elias Davidson, a Jew, born to Jew-German parents in Palestine. Davidsson, a renowned author, in his latest book captioned “The betrayal of India: Revisiting the 26/11 Mumbai Attack Evidence” talks about the betrayal of the India’s security agencies. The corrupt, greedy and ruthless elite were exposed, for whom the lives of ordinary Indians are expendable when power and profit are at stake.

Elias Davidson’s analysis is very true regarding Indian nation in totality but he is still in dark regarding killing of the 4 Jews in the Mumbai Attacks.  These Jews were stationed at Mumbai and working with a notorious NGO “Save the Children”, a front organization financed and operated by CIA, MOSSAD with RAW and NDS as their axillaries.

In Pakistan, the Islamabad office of NGO “Save the Children” was shut-down on the pretext that its working was detrimental to the interest of the State. One of its employ Michel Kent Scoot (Jewish Origin) was identified and intercepted by Pakistani LEAs while he was in-possession of sophisticated weapons and drugs as he was coming from Khandhar illegally with a fake CD number plate on his vehicle which portrayed him a diplomat. The Pak immigration authorities canceled his work permit and deported him.

Elias Davidson, while proving the Mumbai Attacks as a false flag operation gave following arguments.

The Prime Minister of India, while the attack was still in progress, implied that the perpetrators were from a terrorist group supported by Pakistan. Prof. Graeme McQueen of Global Research (Canadian think tank) explains that when officials claim to know the identity of a perpetrator (individual or group) prior to any serious investigation, this suggests that a false narrative is being initiated and that strenuous efforts will soon be made to implant it in the mind of a population.

Immediately after the attacks began, Henry Kissinger also directly pointed finger towards Pakistan. The investigation started off much later, and even today the case against Pakistan remains full of contradictions, unsupported allegations, and absurdities.

Approx 475 – 800 members of elite Indian commando unit that battled the eight terrorists were never allowed to testify in court.

The suspect, after being convicted and sentenced to death, was presumably executed, but the hanging was done secretly in jail and his body, like the bodies of the other dead “terrorists,” was buried in a secret place which could not be confirmed.

“Hundreds of witnesses processed by the court” in relation to the attacks at the CaféLeopold, Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Oberoi-Trident Hotel or Nariman House, “not a single one testified to having observed any of the eight accused kill anyone”.

Hence, the author concludes that, “It is highly plausible that major institutional actors in India, United States and possibly Israel, were complicit in conceiving, planning, directing and executing the attacks of 26/11, but the evidence of a deceptive investigation is even stronger.” He is convinced that India’s major institutions including the Central government, parliament, bureaucracy, armed forces, Mumbai police, intelligence services, judiciary and media, have deliberately suppressed the truth regarding 26/11 and continue to do so.

The FBI also showed great interest in the attacks from the outset. Interestingly, it actually had a man on the scene during the attacks and sent an entire team directly after the event. The Bureau was, remarkably, given direct access to the arrested suspect and to his recorded confession (before he even had a lawyer), as well as to eyewitnesses. The New York Police Department also sent a team after the conclusion of the event, as did Scotland Yard and Israeli police.

The scrutiny of the facts revels that the investigation   carried out by CIA, FBI and Indian LEA’s found no authentic or glaring evidence of Pakistani involvement in this case. Likewise, allegations leveled against Hafiz Saeed, President of the religio-political party “Milli Muslim League”, could also not be proved, nor any links with prescribed terrorist organization Lashkar-e-Taiba could be established. Hafiz Saeed has already approached ICJ through his private lawyer to declare him innocent against the demands of US, Israel and India who asked for his arrest and trail.

Today India has been exposed and her packs of lies have been laid bare in front of the whole world. Even Pakistani media has become aware of her evil orchestrated designs and will not fall prey to their plans in future.

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