Resurgence of Proxy War against Pakistan

By Zaheerul Hassan
At least 108 innocent people embraced shahdit (martyred) and more than 414 injured in eight attacks of different areas in Pakistan. In four days’ time only, the terrorists have hit shrine of Sufi saint Lal Shahbaz Qalandar Sehwan town (Sindh), Police leadership in Lahore, Judges van in Peshawar, Political Agent office of Mohmand Agency and Army convoy in the Awaran area of Balochistan.
In the latest blast, more than 88 people have been martyred, over 50 severely injured and over 315 injured in a suicide bombing at the shrine of Sufi saint Lal Shahbaz Qalandar in Sindh’s Sehwan town on 16 February 2017. The bomber struck inside the compound, where a large number of devotees were performing dhamal, devotional dance. Sehwan is 132 kilometers away from Jamshoro and around 140 kilometers from Hyderabad. During this current wave, apart from civilians, police officers, army officer, numbers of persons from security agencies were the targets of foreign sponsored terrorism.
However, on the next day, Mr. Anwarul Haq, facilitator of Lahore suicidal terrorists Mr. Nusrallauha was arrested with the help of CCTV footage. The facilitator, in the custody of investigating agency has confessed that 10-15 times for training purposes, Anwarul Haq has visited to Afghanistan. He further revealed that the suicidal was the Afghani origin and resident of Kunar province, whereas he himself was from Bajure Agency and based in Landa Bazar Lahore under the cover of business since 10 years. The facilitator exposed the complete details and said that suicidal was trained, planted and entered into Pakistan from Afghanistan. They transported the jacket through a truck driver just for two lacs rupees from Peshawar to Lahore. He also added that their handlers gave them tasks to engage elements of security personnel, soft targets like gathering or all over Pakistan. As per call records they were being controlled by their master mind sitting in Afghan territory.
Although, terrorist organisation, the Islamic State group (Also known as Daesh, ISIS, ISIL) claimed responsibility for the attack but actually Indian and Afghan inteeligence setups covertly managing militancy in Pakistan. In this connection, arrest of RAW’.s agent Kulbushan Yadav , operating of Mullah Fazullah, Umar Kharsaani from Afghanistan and notorious activities of Allah Nazar Baloch against Balochistan are clearly indicate the involvement and collaboration of RAW (Indian Intelligence Agency and NDS(Afghan Intelligence Agency) in fomenting terrorism in Pakistan. Jamat-ul-Ahrar and terrorists of TTP are funding by the Afghan National Security and notorious global intelligence agency (RAW) operating against Pakistan.

Anyhow, Pakistani military authority gave strong messages by ceasing international border and engaging terrorists’ caves and camps located inside of Afghanistan. Moreover, Foreign office also calls Afghan ambassador and asked him to convey Islamabad’s concerns over using Afghan territory as launching pad and safe haven against Pakistan by the terrorists.
At this occurrence of sadness, on 17 February 2017, in an appeal to the nation Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa said, “Security forces shall not allow hostile powers to succeed, we stand for our nation.”
He also sent a strong message to the forces attempting to destabilize the hard-earned peace, and said each drop of nation’s blood shall be revenged, and revenged immediately. No more restraint for anyone.
Gen. Bajwa categorically, made Gen. Nicholson clear that recent incidents of terrorism in Pakistan had been claimed by terrorist organisations whose leadership is hiding in Afghanistan, and asked him to play his role in “disconnecting this planning, direction, coordination and financial support”. During the conversation with Nicholson, Gen. Bajwa also informed him of the list of 76 “most wanted” terrorists handed over to Afghan authorities earlier—operating from Afghan territory or hand them over to Pakistan for trying them over their involvement in terrorism.

Actually, it seems that Pakistan is experiencing a fresh resurgence in terror attacks launched by India in collaboration with Afghanistan. Militant activities in Pakistan are directly connected to troublesome facing by BJP government as a result of multiplication of struggle for independence in Tamil Nadu, East Punjab and Kashmir. Moreover, in creating regional insecurity, involvement of CIA cannot be ruled out since emergence of fresh regional cohesiveness between Pakistan, China and Russia and successful completion of CPEC Project is against Indo-US interests.
Meanwhile, the security agencies throughout the country carried out the combing operations and killed more than 100 terrorists and arrested many but still lot need to be done in establishing permanent peace while eliminating terrorism. In fact, these could be the temporary measures to control the prevailing security situation but to get rid of the evil of terrorism, there is need to take certain steps ,like; nation has to come on one page against the militants, fencing of international border with Afghanistan, settling score with India and Afghanistan, UN should make efforts in resolving Kashmir Issue, check against foreign funding, pushing back of Afghan refugees , revival of military courts , military operations across the board without involving in local politics, development in far-flung areas of Balochistan and FATA be given priority, merging of FATA in KPK province, registration of Madrassas , last but not the least implementing national action plan in true letter and spirit.
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