Role of Media In Sikanders’ Action

SKINDAR WIFEBy Zaheerul Hassan
lone gunman, namely Sikandar Hayat who along with his wife and two children drove into the Red Zone by challenging the capacity of administration in the capital city, should not make us think passively and lose sense of respect for law-enforcing agencies. The armed man, sitting in a car had been firing intermittently at the Constitution Avenue, Islamabad and police did not go ahead.
The inspector general (IG) of police on Monday revealed that the gunman responsible for the Islamabad standoff had links with a banned militant outfit.The IG told a press conference that the gunman, Sikandar, had been operating militant groups in foreign countries, including Dubai, for the last five years.
He said that the gunman had been helping terrorist outfits carry out their activities. He acted as their handler and facilitator, the IG added.He said Sikandar underwent combat training in 1996 after which he started raising funds for the banned organisation in Dubai.
He said that the Dubai Police had arrested Sikandar in 1998. He was sent to jail for three months. The IG further said that Sikandar was held again in 2001 and was deported by the UAE authorities. However, he succeeded in getting a new passport by changing his name and appearance, the IG added. The IG further said that Sikandar returned to Pakistan in 2010.
According to the IG, Sikandar received militant training in Azad Jammu and Kashmir.The IG said that the gunman worked for terrorist outfits and had planned to take the Parliament House ‘hostage’.The IG went on to say that the gunman wanted to take hostage all those present in the parliament house on the evening of August 15.The IG also said that one of the reasons for delay in handling of the incident was the presence of a large media teams on the spot. He went on to say that there should be a code of ethics for the coverage of such incidents.
Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), on Saturday confirmed that Kanwal, wife of Sikandar has been discharged from the Hospital. Talking to journalists, PIMS  spokeperson  Dr. Wasim  Khwaja said that Islamabad police have taken her into its custody and shifted to safe place.He said that Kanwal has recorded a statement with to police in detail ,in which she informed about her family and replied the question of police men. Dr. Khawaja said that Sikanadar’s health was gradually improving  however, he will remain in ICU for further two days.
These suggestions put on board do not mean to state that private channels have not contributed positively towards bringing home issues that otherwise would never have been brought home, exposed scams we may never have known about and called the proverbial spade a spade. They have on many occasions done so. However, the good, the cultural, the beautiful has all been relegated to the backburner. All that is projected is the bad, the ugly and the destructive. Talk shows talking of doomsday scenario seem to have replaced entertainment and any good thing related to Pakistan.

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