Saudi Intelligence Sources Claims: Blast news & Death of Deputy Spy Chief ‘Fake’

Saudi Arabia

Posted by  Zaheerul Hassan

According to reliable sources , the  recent spate of news floating around the Internet which claim a blast at the Mukhabarat al-Aa’mmah or General Intelligence Directorate of Saudi Arabia in Riyadh are absolutely fake and concocted, said a senior Saudi security official when contacted by this scribe. The news originated from a small Yemen-based news outlet Al Fajr and soon made headlines on international Iranian news websites such as Press TV and FARS News. Subsequently, the fabricated material made its way to several blogs and forums. The short news stint also alleged that Saudi Arabia’s deputy spy chief who is subordinate to the newly-appointed chief Prince Bandar bin Sultan was killed in this blast. This was also rejected in strong terms. “There was no security breach at all in the Headquarters”, said an intelligence official on condition of anonymity. “The deputy spy chief, equipment, control rooms, all are fine and well”. “We fail to understand why Iran’s media outlets rushed to spread this fabricated story, either their informers are of zero credibility or they published it for a nefarious agenda. Time will tell”.

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