Seminar-Khalsa Raj, Dr. Paramjit Singh Ajrawat

Khalistan MapBy Dr. Paramit Singh Ajrawat

 Khalistan Day Parade Organization Invite All Sikhs and Sikh Youth To Participate In The Historic Seminar To be Held at Langley School Northern Virginia, On Saturday Nov 13, 2013 from 5 PM to 9 PM. Langar Will Be Served. This Seminar Will Highlight Reclamation of Elveden Hall- Sikh National Monument of Lost Geopolitical Sovereignty and Religious Persecution of Minor Sikh Sovereign Maharaja Duleep Singh by the British; Sikh Nations contribution in WW I & II;
Sikh Holocaust of 1984; National Security of Khalistan, and Sikh Nation’s Determination to Reclaim The lost Geopolitical Sovereignty- The Khalsa Raj and Khalistan.
In fact,  extremists Hindus since 1947 forced Sikhs to go for their independent state. Initially, they tried to pitch Sikhs against Muslim, but after smelling   of real conspiracy behind,  the  leaders of  both victimized minorities stopped playing in the hands of Hindus. Thus, Sikhs  decided to go for Khalistan and Muslims are fighting for Gujrat Muslim state now.
It is mentionable here that just in 1984  Sikh Genocide 30000Sikhs killed ,30000 displaced and more than 1000 Gurdwar Sahibs burnt
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