Shattered Al-Qaeda: All for Sake of Violence

By Iftikhar Hussain Jazib

Civil wars, sectarian violence, economic disasters, killings and bloodshed have become synonymous for Al-Qaeda in Muslim countries and societies. The life of Every Muslim is overshadowed by this group in one or other way. But now its operatives have become blood thirsty of one and other. Recently, after failure of Aymal Al-Zawahiri’s efforts to bring order in Al-Qaeda’s branches in Iraq and Syria, the core leadership broke its links with Islamic State of Iraq and Levant. According to media reports, Dr Zawahiri took this decision because Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, head of ISIS in Iraq and Abu Muhammad jilani, head of Jabhat al-Nusra in Syria , have killed thousands of operative in internal fighting. Previously, Osama Bin Laden (OBL) has also difficulties in controlling Al-Qaeda’s operations under the leadership of Abu Musab al-zarkawi in Iraq.

Al-Qaeda’s late ideologue Osama bin laden and his associates went on violent spree and exploiting the grievances of Muslim world, recruited, mentored and trained youth for murderous rampage. Now, Al-Qaeda is shattered and its so called ideology is lost in the violence of its own operatives, affiliates and franchises. Even, Al-Qaeda’s main leadership is not in a position to halt gruesome acts of its members. According to the media reports based on the documents recovered from OBl’s Abatabad compound, he many times wrote to Abu Musab al-zarkawi to stop sectarian violence and attacks in Iraq.  He gave similar directions in his letters addressed to Pakistani Taliban. But, Neither Abu Musab al-zarkawi nor heads of TTP expressed obedience to him in this regard. Recently, Dr Zawahiri was heard making similar advices on jihadi forums but all in vain. Ultimately, first major split was announced in Al-Qaeda since 9/11 attacks by Dr Zawahiri himself.

This development indicate that Al-Qaeda is becoming more lose and disgruntle which will make it more susceptible to external exploitation and infighting. This group brought only evil to Islam and Muslims but unfortunately, many scholars and ulemas become victim of its apparent deception. Such sympathizers must open their eyes and realize that Al-Qaeda is not an option to address grievances of Muslims. From Egypt to FATA, Muslim countries are engulfed by sectarian violence because of evil designs of this organization.

Since its inception, Al-Qaeda proved disastrous for Muslim Countries, specially for those who hosted its main leadership.  In early nineties, when OBL reached Sudan, the regime of that country was put in troubled waters. As international opposition and pressure grew, the Sudanese authorities expelled him from their country. Unfortunately, Taliban controlled Afghanistan became his next sanctuary from where Al-Qaeda planned and conducted 9/11 attacks. This had devastating impacts on Afghanistan and Pakistan   and people of both the countries are still trying to cope with them. If Afghan Taliban had not taken with the apparent deception of Al-Qaeda, we would have not been suffering in the hands of hostile agencies. History will narrate this truth one day that Taliban regime fell in Afghanistan due to their own foolishness and evil designs of Al-Qaeda. Unfortunately, some religious leaders and Islamic scholars are not paying heed to these facts and they are found praising al-Qaeda and its leaders for no reason.

The Muslim countries of North Africa and Middle East are currently in chaos and Al-Qaeda’s deadly strategy is solely responsible for woes of their masses.  This organization not only provoked the wrath of western countries against Muslim countries by perpetrating the attacks of 9/11 but also incited sectarian violence and   political rebellions with in them. As a result, Mauritania, Somalia, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Iraq and Syria are in political and social ruins. This state of affair only marginalized Muslim countries in the international politics further and Muslims have become weaker in terms of military power and capability.

In Pakistan, The government and security forces are well aware of Al-Qaeda’s evil designs and deadly strategy. Therefore, Army and law enforcing agencies are making utmost efforts to prevent Pakistan from meeting the fate of Iraq and Syria. Unfortunately, core leadership of Al-Qaeda made FATA its base with the help of Pakistani Taliban when NATO and ISAF troops repelled it from Afghanistan in 2002. Since then, TTP and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, local affiliates of Al-Qaeda in Pakistan, have killed thousands of innocent people in suicide bombings.  Before the ingress of Al-Qaeda, suicidal attack was unheard-of in Pakistan. It also made alliance with banned sectarian outfits to break the social fabric of Pakistan by dividing its people in sects and sub-sectss. Therefore, we can conclude that our salvation lays only in total defeat of Al-Qaeda and its ideology from our country.

We also need to eliminate Al-Qaeda from Pakistan because it is perceived to be number one threat by the western and many Muslim countries alike. They believe that core of Al-Qaeda’s leadership is hiding in FATA including Dr Zawahiri. Previously, OBL’s presence in Pakistan had embarrassed us before the international community. Therefore, public must reject those religious leaders who are trying to create confusions regarding Al-Qaeda by issuing unreasonable statements.

In view of these facts and observations, we must put our full weight behind government and armed forces in fight against Al-Qaeda, TTP and other likeminded terrorist outfits.

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