Slaughter and reprisal

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On February 17, 2013, the Hazara community in Quetta was bombed and shocked by picking 84 persons dead and injured in hundreds. On the following day, February 18, 2013, a terrorist attack was perpetrated at the political agent’s office on Bara Road, Peshawar. This quandary also gave the gift of 6 causalities to the people of Pakistan. Accordingly, following the first sadistic event, the Shia community went on massive protest, aimed at coercing governments to make the serious efforts in pursuit of ceasing the appalling attacks on the community.

Some 2500 women in Quetta staged a protest with really communicative messages on the carried display cards. TNFJ, chief has reiterated that the government has badly failed to provide the security to the Shia community against the viciously rendered massacre against them. The Iranian officials have expressed their concerns over the incidents, constantly happening.

Following the protests, the Shia protesters have gone on subverting mode as the Express-highway in the capital has been barricaded and no one is allowed to pass through the junction of the twin-cities.Logically speaking, the sad point of the parallel occurring terroristic incidents are being linked with the genocide of the Shiites. To the opinion of the impartial rationales, this is not the case at all. If this is the case what could the bloody saga in Peshawar be termed? Will it be termed as the genocide of the Pashtuns? What could the target killings in Karachi be labeled? Will it be poised to be termed as the segregation of Karachiites?

The bounty of blasts and suicide bombings has been pasted on the residents of Lahore. Actually, the massacre of the Shia is not only the case. Shias are a sub-section of the Pakistani community. Similarly, the Pashtunes, the Punjabis the Blochis and the even the urbane populace of Karachi and Lahore are the inhabitants of the Pakistan. This is the massacre of the Pakistani people with the different names, titles, sects, and ethnicity.

This is really miserable condition of Pakistani society which is unable to understand even what is happening with them. On the part of public, it is difficult for them to fathom what the quandary they are trusted on.On part of media, they are trying to project something different what the enemies are doing and what kind of enemies the nation is confronting. They remained far-flunged from penetrating what the kind of evil designs, the adversary is rendering. Above all, the killing and chopping up the Pakistani peoples in the brand of sects, ethnicity, linguistics and provincialism is that enrages the entire patriots and don’t let them take both the repose and fortitude.
On the part of Pakistani nation’s sovereignty, no one in the regime avenues is willing to congeal the national prestige and status and ensure the sanctity of the national sovereignty in order to let the nation feel greatness and independence. In wake of Quetta in carnage, Iranian government has condemned the bad occurrence on one hand and expressed their concerns saying that Shia community is out of safety and security on the other hand.

The second part of their feeling and conveying the message is not conducive with what the sovereignty of a nation requires. Contrarily, the Iranian land is teemed with the reactionary movements like the Arabistan, The Kurdistan, The Southern-Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and sunny led Jund-u-Allah. If these movements and organizations undergo an occurrence that annoys Iranian security apparatus and Pakistani officials share their sympathies to the sunny-led populace what the sentiments of the Iranian stakeholders would be?

Certainly, they will call in Pakistani ambassador in Tehran and stage their robust protest, terming the Pakistan discourse as direct contradictory to the Iranian sovereignty. The same projection may be on Pakistani side if the un-conducive discourse, Iranians officials undertake in face of Pakistani hardships. What is happening is contradictory to the security and integrity of the Pakistani homeland and the security establishment is rested on an immense responsibility to cope with the menace and to eradicate and expunge the predicament, we are facing in wake of the protracted war in Afghanistan.

Subsequently, the pathos of national chauvinism and the sentiments of the grieved Pakistani nation demands the Pakistani establishment and policy-making junta to be punitive towards the elements that are exporting the anti-Pakistani swamps and are engaged in planting the anti-states elements as agents within the country. Thereafter, they are goaded to undertake the following measures.

The UAE as well as Iran should be convinced that the opening of the Gwader Sea Port (GSP) and handing over to China is the key to bring prosperity to the whole region. The Dubai Sea Port would not lose its preponderance in presence of the imports and exports of China and CARs through the GSP. Similarly, Bander Abbas cannot lose its weight-age if its constructed infrastructure is viable. Iranian speaker, Ali Laregani in his visit to Islamabad on February 12, 2013 reiterated that Iran would not let India to kindle chaos in Balochistan. This commitment is good on one hand and signaling and heralding that there is something in Pakistani mind and something in the bottom regarding the covert role being played through the Iranian soil.

Secondly, the belligerent groups and organizations can not be doing their operations in their own behalf and direction. These can be utilized as the tactical devices. There is another force which is ultimately governing the wits of these organizations. Thus, the routes to these organizations must be exposed and the command and control of the saga is really required to be devastated. The sincere efforts are more required than ever before to fight against the covert and overt adversaries if not the slaughter of Pakistani peoples will be on and on and the sentiments for reprisal will be more prone to be ignited.(Muhammad Irfan)

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