Syrian Crisis: Real Terrorists Detected

By Sajjad Shaukat

Members of the Free Syrian Army talk as they sit with their weapons in a damaged street in Aleppo's Karm al-Jabal district, June 3, 2013. REUTERS/Muzaffar Salman (SYRIA - Tags: CONFLICT POLITICS TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY)

Members of the Free Syrian Army 

Sometimes, the hunter becomes the hunt and the gunner himself becomes a target. It happens so with the United States whose ex-President George W. Bush and President Barrack Obama had been utilizing various forms of terrorism in the last 14 years at the cost of their own country as well as the whole world, while giving priority to the Israeli interests.

But, Russian President Vladimir Putin has played a key role in detecting the real terrorists. In this context, recent developments in relation to the Syrian crisis such as Russian airstrikes on the ISIL (Daesh) strongholds in the northern Syria and Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, its coalition with Iran, Iraq and Syria in support of President Bashar al-Assad, retreat of the CIA-supported rebels and mercenaries after their failure to topple his government, proving links of Al-Qaeda and ISIL with America and Israeli, Putin’s clear-cut statement, indicating the Zionist regime in the US and Israel for their “fake war on ISIL”, and remarking, “NWO (New World Order) agents and Satan worshipers simply have no clothes,” including the Vienna meeting where the US Secretary of State Jonh Kerry agreed to keep the Syrian president in power (Contrary to previous demand of regime change), for a unified, independent secular state of Syria, not to allow ISIL militants group to reign in Syria, absence of Israel in the meeting and America’s decision of sending 50 special forces to Syria to help in taking down ISIL terrorists have clearly exposed the hidden aims of the US global war on terror.

Since the US started war against terrorism, after the 9/11 tragedy, various political experts have opined that terrorism comes in a variety of forms such as religious terrorism, secular terrorism and so on.

Bruce Hoffman, in his book ‘Inside Terrorism’ writes: “For the religious terrorism, violence is the foremost divine duty executed in direct response to some demand or imperative…the secular terrorist sense leads to a sanctioning of limitless violence against a virtually open-ended category of targets.”

Judging in these terms, either it is religious terrorism or secular terrorism, while backing the Zionist Jews and Israeli supremacy in the Middle East in particular and the world in general, the US which claims to be a secular state, has broken all the records of violence, genocide and massacre by targeting the Muslims—even badly affecting the patriot Americans, during the global war on terror.

As regards terrorism, Machiavelli advises the rulers to have a lion-like image outwardly, and act upon the traits of goat inwardly. He also suggests them foreign adventures and the use of terror to obtain their goals. In his sense, a good ruler should be a good opportunist and hypocrite. While echoing Machiavelli, Morgenthau points out that sometimes, rulers act upon immoral activities like deceit, fraud, falsehood and even murder to fulfill their selfish aims.

Although, such a sinister politics was replaced by new trends such as fair-dealings, reconciliation and economic development, yet by implementing the old strategies in the modern era, the then President Bush and neoconservatives who were in collusion with the Jews and Tel Aviv orchestrated a drama of global war on terror, following the false flag of 9/11, as they wanted to change Henry Kissinger’s dream of the greater Israel into reality.

However, under the cover of the 9/11 tragedy, US employed coercive diplomacy on the weak countries like Pakistan, Indonesia etc., including almost all the Arab States which joined America’s war on terror. A majority of these states is still facing more militancy and internal instability. US-led NATO forces attacked Afghanistan. Then, a deliberate disinformation campaign was launched by the CIA and Jewish-controlled media all over the world that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destructions (WMDs). In that respect, on the self-fabricated intelligence report and without mandate of the UN Security Council, American-Anglo forces invaded Iraq. US-led forces employed state terrorism by special military operations, extra-judicial assassinations and heavy aerial bombardment, which killed more than half million innocent persons especially in Iraq and Afghanistan—and those countries like Somalia and Yemen where the US was indirectly involved. And suspected Muslims were also kept in Guantanamo Bay, Abu Graib and other cells, established in some Islamic countries and small European states where personnel of the CIA, the FBI, and the military employed various methods of torture like physical violence and even murder.

By availing the golden opportunity of the 9/11, both Israel and India joined Bush’s anti-terrorism bandwagon and fully exploited the world phenomena of terrorism and anti-Muslim approach of the US-led west in order to obtain their secret designs. They equated the wars of liberation with terrorism. Their forces have been employing military terrorism such as curfews, crackdowns, sieges, massacre and targeted killings to maintain alien rule on the controlled territories of Palestine and Kashmir. Particularly, Tel Aviv’s brutal tactics like use of chemical weapons against the Palestinians, Gaza blockade and starvation of the innocent persons—conversion of the area into another concentration camp might be cited as example.

Meanwhile, President Obama who had said during his first election, “Bush has made the world the most dangerous place”, and he would rectify the blunders, committed by his predecessor in the name of war on terror, continued the same in their worst form. However, Obama-led Administration went on with various techniques of ruthless terror and extrajudicial killings of the innocent persons through illegitimate drone attacks—assisting undemocratic forces, toppling the elected government in Egypt, and like Iraq, creation of more failed states such as Libya, Syria etc., and covert assistance to Israel.

If, during the Bush era, Al-Qaeda was subsidiary of the CIA, ISIL which was also created by that intelligence agency has been serving similar role, under Obama’s presidency. The militant acts of both the terrorist outfits in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and especially in Syria, including other volatile Muslim countries have been utilized by Obama in distorting the image of Islam and Jihad so as to pacify American public in wake of multiple internal and external problems like heavy cost of prolonged ‘different war’, financial crisis, demoralization of troops in Afghanistan etc., and to justify the US-sponsored state terrorism, particularly Israeli military terrorism.

Here, sectarian terrorism is also of particular attention. In this context, the US had planned to spark a civil war between the Sunnis and Shias. For the purpose, a study of the leading think tank, Rand Corporation, titled ‘US Strategy in the Muslim World After 9/11’ was conducted on behalf of the then US Deputy Chief of Staff for Air Force. Its report which was released on December 27, 2004 advocated that Sunni-Shia sectarian division should be exploited to promote the US objectives in the Muslim World.

The report was first implemented in Iraq. CIA also got the services of Israeli Mossad to fuel sectarian violence in Iraq. In 2004, major terror-attacks were carried out against the Shias. Afterwards, a chain of Shia-Sunni clashes started between Iraqi Shias and Sunnis, targeting each other’s mosques, religious leaders through bomb blasts, suicide attacks etc. After Iraq’s experiment, more deadly pattern of sectarian strife and clashes have been conducted in Pakistan, which still continues in one or the other way.

In March, 2013, an investigative report by the British Gurdian/BBC revealed that acting under the direction of the US high officials, atrocities carried out by Iraqi police and forces in Iraq—unleashed a deadly sectarian militia which terrorized the Sunni community and germinated a civil war.

Nevertheless, under Obama, America is still manipulating sectarian differences between Saudi Arabia and Iran—also noted in Syria and Yemen which have been destabilized due to civil wars.

Nonetheless, US brand of war against terrorism which has gained significance after the 9/11 is marked by confusion about its definition and application. It has been made complicated by the deliberate propaganda of the Jewish-controlled media, so that, it could become difficult for the general masses of the world to detect the real terrorists. In this regard, Palestinian, Afghan and Kashmiri freedom fighters are waging the wars of national liberation. Therefore, their acts can not be equated with terrorism.

World history proves that wars of independence in connection with various nations were their reaction against subjugation, maintained by alien powers through state terrorism. In the 20th century, a majority of the Third World countries got independence after an armed struggle against the colonial powers. Even independence of the US, unification of Germany and Italy became possible after an armed struggle. So, question arises that were the peoples of these countries terrorists at that time?

As a matter of fact, US-led occupying powers in Afghanistan, Palestine etc. are intruders and hence, the real terrorists who tend to conceal their own terrorist measures which have become every day occurrence.

Consequently, main credit goes to Putin who has exposed the actual terrorists in case of Syrian crisis and Iraq. Now, it is established fact that Bush, Obama, neo-conservatives and the related-top officials of America—those of Israel and other Islamic countries who committed crimes against the larger interest of humanity, are the real terrorists.

Sajjad Shaukat writes on international affairs and is author of the book: US vs Islamic Militants, Invisible Balance of Power: Dangerous Shift in International Relations

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