Happy Eid Mubarak – 2019

By Rida Zaheer As usually Pakistan nation is celebrating two Eids i.e. one on June 4 in KPK and other one would be on June 5, June 2019. Pakistani Minister for Science and Technology Mr. Fwad Chaudary a day ealerly emphasized that Eid would be on 5th June but his one PTI govt refused to obey Fwad Chaudary instructions and announced to celebration of eid as per announcement of Puial Zai.whole nation and fede ...

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Pakistan: In Quest of Reality for Navigational Change

By Mahboob A. Khawaja, PhD Towards Understanding the Reality of Problems In its formative history of 70 years, the nation is fraught with tragedies. The legal dismissal of PM Nawaz Sharif by the Supreme Court on financial corruption provides a fresh opportunity to the nation to think critically and with an inward eye on systematic change for sustainable future-making without feudal lords and sadistic politi ...

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Panama verdict announced

By Asif Haroon Raja Panama case which emerged in April 2016 was fully exploited by Imran Khan (IK) led PTI. Once IK refused to accept the offer of PM Nawaz Sharif (NS) to hold a commission of retired judges to probe the case, the Parliamentary Committee couldn’t make any headway since PML-N, PTI and PPP failed to frame consensus Terms of References (TORs). IK, Sheikh Rashid and Sirajul Haq submitted their p ...

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Political temperature on the rise

Asif Haroon Raja Secret war launched in 2002 by so-called allies of Pakistan was aimed at destabilizing, de-Islamizing, denuclearizing and destroying Pakistan. For eleven years concerted efforts have been made by the US and its allies grouped together in Kabul to achieve their objectives. The first phase of destabilization has progressed fairly well and today Pakistan’s socio-politico-economic-military fabr ...

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