High-speed changing political spectrum

Asif Haroon Raja Operation ‘Weaken Pakistan through covert war’ launched in 2002 by so-called allies of Pakistan was part of four-dimensional plan to destabilize, de-Islamize, denuclearize and destroy Pakistan. For eleven years concerted efforts have been made by the US and its allies grouped together in Kabul to achieve their objectives. The first phase of destabilization has progressed fairly well and tod ...

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India and Canada Reach an Agreement on Uranium Deal

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall calls Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s new deal that will allow sales of uranium to India “very positive” for Saskatchewan. “The federal government has now announced they’re getting to the conclusion part of the nuclear co-operation agreement with India,” Wall told reporters Tuesday at the Legislative Building. “We don’t always agree with the federal government on everything th ...

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PROFESSOR ALI SUKHANVER [caption id="attachment_3384" align="alignright" width="256"] Picture of Indian Brutality - Graves of Kashmiris[/caption] This beautiful world around us is a very strange blend of contradictions and incongruities. We condemn the same thing which we had once appreciated and admired when it directly affects our own specific interests. This prejudiced trend is more popular with the west ...

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