Pakistani Media: The Presstitutes or a Bull in China Shop? – I

By Sohail Parwaz Since last few weeks a great, on screens and in columns, media war going on. It kindled when a mysterious life attempt was made on a private channel’s anchorperson Hamid Mir and soon went up into the flames. Ever since then there is no ceasefire. It’s less of bringing bad name to the Pakistan but more of it to Pakistani media. Fortunately or unfortunately Pakistani media’s act of washing di ...

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Arms Race & Proliferation adding Regional Instability

By Zaheerul Hassan Cold war era though ended after disintegration of Soviet Union, but pilling up of weapons has multiplied the arms race generally all over the globe. The reasons of multiplication of arm race are; capturing markets, power game and desire of getting strong hold over naturally enriched regions with a view to boost the economy. Religious and social discrimination further widens the gap betwee ...

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Anti-Corruption Campaign in India

By Sajjad Shaukat Although corruption is rampant in many Third World countries, yet it has rapidly increased in India where some families have good standards of living due to corruption, while the majority cannot get two meals a day. In this regard, Indian activist Anna Hazare who incited the country last year with his hunger strikes against corruption, began a new fast on July 29, this year to press demand ...

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Indian Corruption can be eliminated?

 By Firdous Syed [caption id="attachment_3368" align="alignright" width="305"] Indian masses protesting against corruption[/caption] Who are these so-called ‘shining-lights’ of probity in public life? A year-and-a-half ago outside Maharashtra, perhaps, not many people knew the now well-known social activist Anna Hazare.People like Kejriwal, Bhushans, Manish Sisodia, Shazia Illmi or Kumar Vishwash were truly ...

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