Carlotta Gall & US Twofold Diplomacy towards Pakistan

   By Sajjad Shaukat Despite the fact that a number of strategic institutes and think tanks play a key role in formulation of American external policies, but contradictory statements of the US president, high officials and media have always reflected that the United States has been acting upon a twofold diplomacy towards Pakistan. In the last few years, while ignoring the responsibilities of the US, ISAF an ...

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Why Fragile Democracy in Pakistan?

By Sajjad Shaukat Democracy which has displayed its success in the west has proved the fragile form of government in Pakistan. Therefore, it is generally said that “any instrument can be misused.” Although various mal-practices such as horse-trading, nepotism, bribery, illegal obligation etc. are very common in Pakistan’s politics, yet corruption of our politicians has exposed on October 19, this year when ...

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