Anushka is a Cracking Actress but need to raise voice for Punjabi SIkh: Ranveer Singh and Ranjeet SIngh says

Mumbai (ZM): Bollywood stars lives really became the public property. Fans listen to more and more about their favourit stars. In fact they are much more interested in their private times spend with theirs love ones and of course screen performances. Anushka is one of the luckiest star who appeared in the song and in a very short span of a time occupied the topline position in the world second Mumbai Indust ...

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Golden Temple Attack: Laid Foundation of Khalistan

 Posted By Zaheerul Hassan [caption id="attachment_3656" align="alignright" width="333"] Khalistan[/caption] Paramjit Kaur Khalra, widow of Sardar Jaswant Singh Khalra, the late chairman of the Human Rights Wing, who exposed the Indian government’s policy of secret cremations with his study of the cremation grounds in Patti, Tarn Taran, and Gurgiana Mandir, recently said that Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale ...

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Has India, Brahmins-Hindus-turbaned Brahmins’ Rats Broken the Back of the Sikhs?

"WE HAVE BROKEN THE BACK OF SIKHS IN PUNJAB, NOW WE [caption id="attachment_3169" align="alignright" width="269"] Golden Temple - Indian Armed Forces in 1984 killed 0ver 2,70,000 Sikhs in brutal action[/caption] WILL GET THEM ELSEWHERE - MMK WALI, India's Foreign Secretary during his interview by Madam BARBARA FRUM, CBC 740 'AS IT HAPPENS, 18:30 - 19:00 Hrs, on 7th JUNE, 1984"* When Madam Barbara Frum of th ...

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