Who is behind Hazara’s Killing?

By Jamshed Jamshed Evidently, Quetta’s Hazaras are the Mongols, who migrated from Central Asia to   the Banyan District in Afghanistan. They belong to the Shia faction of Islam, Persian is their main language. Demographically, Hazaras live in three countries: Afghanistan (7-8 million); Iran (1.2 million) and Pakistan (0.7 million). In addition, a diaspora of approximately 400,000 to 500,000 is spread around ...

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How Security Agencies will Overcome Terrorism?

By Sajjad Shaukat After the Kirani Road incident which killed more than 100 persons of the Hazara Shias in Quetta on February 17, this year, a controversial debate continues in our country, while, some politicians and media anchors have been blaming security forces and intelligence agencies about the Hazara carnage, deteriorating law and order situation of Balochistan province including overall phenomena of ...

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