IDF: Are governments allowed to use Twitter that way?

Israel made history Wednesday when it began live-tweeting its own strike on the Gaza Strip. Now that the initial shock is over, the questions are setting in: Are governments allowed to use Twitter that way? And even if they can, should they? A rumor widely circulated Thursday morning claimed that the Israel Defense Forces’ Twitter account, @IDFSpokesperson, went down for a 40-minute period, but neither Twit ...

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Israel Brutal Attack on Gaza Widely Condemned

Israel on Wednesday launched the most ferocious & brutal assault on Gaza in four years, hitting at least 20 targets in aerial attacks that killed many innocent including children and women, damaged Israel’s fragile relations with Egypt and escalated the risks of a new war in the Middle East. The Israel Defense Forces coupled the intensity of the airstrikes with the threat of a ground invasion of Gaza, r ...

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