Indian terrorism exposed

The World Notorious Intelligence Agency India’s misdoings in historical perspectiveBy Haroon RajaPakistan’s Troubles in Formative YearsThe security situation of Pakistan has remained turbulent right from its inception due to meddlesome role of India. India has waged wars and employed indirect strategy to destabilize Pakistan. Reason behind India’s unending hostility is its belief in mythical Mahabharata and ...

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The Fall of Dhaka: P.M. Hasina Revives Blame Game against Pakistan

By Sajjad Shaukat Speaking at the inauguration of a four-day program of the International Mother Language Institute at Shegunbagicha in Dhaka on the occasion of Amar Ekushey and International Mother Language Day on February 21, this year, Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Wajid claimed that Sheikh Mujibur Rahmans had vision of Bangladesh in 1948 on the basis of Bengali language. At the same time, sh ...

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