Incumbent government should redouble its efforts

Asif Haroon Raja Pakistan was dumped by USA in 1989 after its objectives were achieved in Afghanistan. However, despite cold shouldering by USA, Pakistan’s status in the Muslim world in particular and international community in general had shot up very high because the miracle of the 20th century could not have been achieved without all out support of Pakistan to the Mujahideen. Pakistan was not totally dis ...

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General Kayani and Nawaz Sharif deliberated on Terrorism

By Zaheerul Hassan On 18 May 2013, the Army Chief called on PML (N) head and designate Prime Minister-Nawaz Sharif met in Lahore and discussed the prevailing security situation of the country. Notably just a day before terrorists carried out suicidal attack in mosques of Malakand Agency in which 20 individuals killed and more than 50 injured. Gen. Kayani, who sought the meeting, called on Mr. Sharif at his ...

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Ghost of Gen Ziaul Haq still haunts seculars

Asif Haroon Raja Ziaul Haq’s ghost still haunts the liberals and seculars, which means his legacy is winning. They see him as the vilest man ever born in Pakistan and responsible for the malaise in the society. What a big joke and travesty of truth. None can deny that unlike stiff-necked Pakistani Generals, and that too with all powers in his hand; he was humble, courteous and led a simple and austere life. ...

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