Media Need Reformation

By Asif Haroon Raja Gen Musharraf after coming to power through a military coup on October 12, 1999 decided to boost up and modernize electronic media by allowing foreign ownership in the name of freedom of expression and to show soft image of Pakistan to the west. His concept of enlightened moderation also had similar ambition of promoting liberalism. Private TV channels were given a free hand to broadcast ...

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Pakistani Media: The Presstitutes or a Bull in China Shop? – I

By Sohail Parwaz Since last few weeks a great, on screens and in columns, media war going on. It kindled when a mysterious life attempt was made on a private channel’s anchorperson Hamid Mir and soon went up into the flames. Ever since then there is no ceasefire. It’s less of bringing bad name to the Pakistan but more of it to Pakistani media. Fortunately or unfortunately Pakistani media’s act of washing di ...

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Afghanistan’s ban on Pakistani newspapers

bY Rasul Bakhsh Rais There are many ways leaders of a nation can isolate themselves from the rest of the world. It is not mere geography, terrain or lack of communication facility but a mindset. Afghanistan has been historically isolated for some of the above reasons, but today, doing so voluntarily or under foreign coercion would work against self-interest. No rational, practical leaders in the contemporar ...

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