Paigham-e-Pakistan: The Strong Peace Narrative that Attracts the Support of Extremist Ulema

By Visal Saleem Paigham-e-Pakistan Fatwa has categorically refuted all the extremist ideologies which call for armed rebellion against the state and its institutions on the pretext of Shariah, sectarian differences and Jihad. 1829 learned scholars of Islam including renowned Muftis and heads of all the federations of madaris prepared this Fatwa and its authenticity has been confirmed by all the Ulema making ...

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Fatwa of Paigham-e-Pakistan

Sultan M Hali Al Qaeda and Dáesh have been projecting themselves as champions of the Muslims and deny their links with terrorism. Actions speak louder than words. Al Qaeda enraged the wrath of the west by attacking the twin towers in New York and targeting US embassies in various locations. Resultantly, the US mustered international support and, along with the NATO forces, invaded first Afghanistan, which h ...

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