1,263MW LNG plant to cause losses worth Rs202b

By Zafar Bhutta The Power Division has informed the government that running the 1,263-megawatt LNG-based power project near Trimmu Barrage on expensive imported gas, while ignoring other cheaper fuel options, would result in cumulative loss of Rs202 billion up to 2025. Pakistan has a long-term supply contract of 500mmcfd LNG with Qatar and the first review is due in 2025. At present, Pakistan has LNG-based ...

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A sticky Gulf wicket!

By Yasmeen Aftab Ali “It will not be long before we get this phone call from Saudi Arabia, ‘Are you with us or against us?’ Are we ready to take that call?” The news of United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt breaking off all diplomatic ties with Qatar, a close ally to Islamabad, by land, sea and air made headline news around the world. The Gulf States have given a time of two weeks to the Qat ...

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CIA Operation in Qatar

By Phil Greaves  A recent interview given by, yes, you guessed it: an ‘anonymous’ Qatari security official, has shed further light on CIA-led covert arms shipments to militants fighting in Syria. In this Reuters article, the security official and several ‘anonymous’ rebel Commanders confirm that Qatar has “tightened coordination of arms flows [plural] to Syria,” under alleged concern of weapons ending up in ...

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France, Qatar, and the New World Disorder

According to investigative journalist Silvia Cattori, the barbaric bombing of Aleppo University on January 15 has been officially claimed by the terrorist group the Al Nousra Front. This confirmation should not come as a surprise to those who have been following closely events in the Levant since March 17, 2011, when unknown snipers opened fire in the Southern Syrian town of Deraa killing several policemen ...

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