Shining India: The Most Dreadful Night of My Life

By Ali Sukhanver  “That was no doubt the most dreadful night of my life,” a Swiss tourist in her late thirties was talking to the media in a tone filled with harassment and fear. She had been on a visit to India this March with her husband. “I had just changed my dress and was simply wearing a night gown when six wild stinking Indians thronged at the door of my room. They started beating my husband ruthless ...

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Indian: “A woman travelling should wear full dress & avoid isolated areas”, said UK

By Balbir Singh Sooch Rape (the crime of using force somebody to have sexual intercourse with somebody) is directly proportional-relative, comparative to complicated-complex, difficult, intricate, knotty, full of twists and turns (composed of many interrelated parts or features-difficult to understand, deal with, or explain-as life is complicated enough as it is) social (collective has also different meanin ...

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The Indian Girls in Trouble

PROFESSOR ALI SUKHANVER A few weeks back, The Times of India published an article “Shame: Delhi still India’s rape capital”. This article by V Narayan says, “Delhi continues to be the rape capital of the country, followed by Mumbai. Delhi registered 568 cases of rape, compared to 218 in Mumbai in 2011, National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) statistics showed. In the period of 2007-2011, Delhi topped the chart ...

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