Pak-India Water Issue Needs Attention

By Sajjad Shaukat Since the 9/11 tragedy, international community has been taking war against terrorism seriously, while there are also other forms of bloodless wars, being waged in the world and the same are like terrorism. Political experts opine that modern terrorism has many meanings like violent acts, economic terrorism etc., but its main aim is to achieve political, economic and social ends. Judging i ...

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Indo-Pak Dispute over Kishenganga Project

By Zaheerul Hassan [caption id="attachment_3413" align="alignright" width="343"] Kishenganga Hydro-Electric Project & Indina dams over Rive Jhelum[/caption] On 1ST September 2012, the International Court of Arbitration (ICA) constituted in the matter of the Indus Waters Kishenganga Arbitration (Pakistan v. India) has concluded a two-week hearing on the merits at the Peace Palace in The Hague. Earlier, i ...

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