Pakistan Riddled with Multiple Crises

by Asif Haroon Raja Two-Party Rule & Military Rule ZA Bhutto gave birth to PPP in 1967 and Nawaz Sharif (NS) to PML-N in 1990. NS was groomed and patronized by Gen Ziaul Haq. The 2nd democratic era witnessed the two mainstream national political parties, PPP and PML-N at loggerheads from 1988 onwards till Benazir Bhutto in self-imposed exile and exiled NS signed Charter of Democracy (CoD) in 2006 during ...

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Political crisis deepens

By Sajjad ShaukatBy bringing the political battles into our bedrooms, social media has made it much difficult for politicians and other heads of the key institutes to speak lies and to hide information. Pakistan’s political crisis deepened after the ouster of the former Prime Minister Imran Khan-chairman of the PTI through vote of no-confidence motion, passed in the National Assembly (NA) on April 9, this y ...

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Reality behind DHA Case

    By Sajjad Shaukat While taking suo motu notice of a private TV programme which did not point out other side and facts by raising the alleged land corruption of Rs. 40 billion in the Employees Old-Age Benefits Institution (EOBI), a three-member bench of the Supreme Court of Pakistan headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry ordered on July 19, this year to freeze all the bank accounts of Defence ...

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TEXT of Letter by Chairman NAB to President Zardari

Please accept my gratitude for supporting unhindered execution of my mandate. Large recoveries have been made (about Rs 25 Billion). The Prevention activity of focusing on the current procurement and projects of Rs. 1.5 Trillion to eliminate possible corrupt practices, and the disclosure of heavy daily wastage of revenue and state owned resources indicative of decade’s old systemic flaws is being addressed ...

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