Should Ban Continue on YouTube?

By Sajjad Shaukat  With the rapid development of science, range of the TV channels has extended to many countries. But social media networking websites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc. which are being communicated through the internet search engines have become more popular in the world. Even in a developing country like Pakistan, the number of internet users is constantly on the rise. According to an e ...

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Should Ban on YouTube stay?

    By    Mohammad Jamil Minister of Information Technology is taking measures to lift ban on the YouTube. On August 22, State Minister for Information Technology Anusha Rehman revealed during a briefing that Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) had helped to provide filters through which over 4,000 URLs containing blasphemous content were blocked. But the nation has been listening to this cock ...

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Ban on YouTube should continue

By Zaheerul Hassan The “YouTube ban” has become such a bone in the throats of certain Qadiani, Ahmadi, Atheist, Secular and other anti-Islam elements that they have made it their sole purpose to unblock it by using all available unsocial and illegal means. I want to straight out certain facts regarding the case, so here it goes. YouTube was blocked in September 2012 by Govt of Pakistan in the light of decis ...

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