Do Taliban Have some Religion, Do they have ethics, Do Taliban ave some morality, Do they have Values, Do they have humanity, Do they have courage, Do Taliban respect other opinions. Taliban by their deeds (evils) have refuted all traits mentioned above. Islam the religion they claim is the religion of peace and tranquility. However Taliban defies the very meaning of Islam by adopting violence and belligerence in every sphere of their lives. They have abused all ethics by targeting innocent, unarmed and harmless people including children and women. They had not bothered even to maintain the sanctity of sacred places such as Mosques, Imambarghahs and Churches by targeting them and massacring the people busy in their prayers at these holy places. They had destroyed schools meant for extending knowledge as per teaching of our Holy Prophet (PBUH) but Taliban appeared to have either ignorant or forgotten the saying (Hadith) of Holy Prophet (PBUH) regarding education.

Taliban to meet their finances have resorted to criminal and unethical acts such as extortion of money through ransom robbery of banks decoiting etc which by no means are admissible in our religion. Our religion advocates to be humble to even enemy even they surrender or imprisoned, whereas Taliban exhibit their barbarism to kidnapees and prisoners. They use young boys for suicidal blast against poor masses thus killing most of the earning heads of the families thus bringing the ultimate and extreme miseries to poor family members of deceased people. Taliban by virtue of deeds have neither managed to earn the respect amongst masses nor would be remembered as righteous entity by History.

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