Terrorism and Shift of Power in the Middle East

A Possible Future Emerging Scenario of Destroying Legitimacy for Muslim Statehood

By Shaikh Muhammad Bilal

After the end of the Second World War, USA and the USSR emerged as the superpowers. Although they paid an enormous price in shape of man and material for their ascendency but gained unprecedented global power and influence over all other nations of the world. The subsequent ideological Cold War that followed ended with the collapse of the eastern power USSR and made the western power USA to have its preponderance moment of undisputed economic, political and military domination over the entire world. With the subsequent rise of China and the resurgence of Russia after the 9/11 attacks, scholars globally began to predict that a shift of power is taking place in the world and for the first time the center of gravity of power is shifting to the east.

However, the scholars either deliberately or through ignorance or through designed deception did not dwell into the nature of this shift, they are right that the power is moving towards East but there is uncertainty that where the power will reside in the wake of efforts to thwart China’s rise. The fact which has become conspiracy now a days is that in actual sense power is shifting to Israel whose people, culture and religion speaks of Israel’s ascendency globally and over all other nations of the world. This has gained greater momentum since the initiation of the global war on terror since 9/11 attacks and will further intensify leading to the destruction of Muslim countries who stand as the last, hapless opponents and at the moment with no clear understanding as to what is happening and where events unfolding will lead to.

How is power shifting is evident but no scholar or ardent of studying the dynamics of this power shift has paid in depth heed to it up till now and what role the Israeli establishment which is in fact a secret international government in control of other establishments of leading global countries and international institutions is playing. And this role is very sinister, clandestine and dangerous. And for this power and global undisputed worldwide over lordship, Muslim countries will pay with their entire destruction including loss of their sacred religion. How this power is shifting and destroying Muslim states revolves around three important aspects, political, social and economic. Firstly political is the use of terrorism and terrorist groups to defame the sacred religion of Islam. Islam is not just a religion but a way of life and conduct which defines in details dealings from a small family to running the affairs of the state and maintenance of external relations. How to destroy Islam politically is to appropriate its political ideology and use it to cause utter, barbaric acts of violence and carnage. Daesh, Al Qaeda and others are fulfilling this mission very effectively and efficiently for the Zionist prophesy that from destruction will rise a new order of things.

These terrorist groups have shaken the foundations of every Muslim country and especially Pakistan which is founded in the name of Islam and where Islam remains as the core of the governance system. Take the core out and the entire system will be destroyed. And now in Pakistan curtained segments of society are also shaking this core from within without realization of the consequences and frenzied by gaining petty benefits. The political elite including the electable and the institutional are under hostile foreign influence and this process was completed long before. With this process complete and the puppet elites wealth, health and families being in these superpowers when the process of terrorism destroying what remains, these puppets will dump their places of rule and escape.

Second is the social front where the agenda is to embed and instill alien values, norms and practices which contradict Islamic values, norms and practices. This process was initiated during the 19th century and has made the population of Muslim countries marginalized with either becoming divided and ruled through hidden and sinister draconian ways or either assimilates and becomes subjugated to the Zionist system of international secret government. The current trend of today is to replace the traditional values of Islam as revealed by God with pseudo principles based from erroneous human endeavors. The goal is to create a new ideology for Muslims in which religiously immoral guidelines replace Islamic values in the garb of universal values such as human rights, liberal freedoms and “the values of the (self proclaimed) civilized world. This will damage the self-awareness of Muslims and thus with it when the time comes for the Zionist prophesy, there will be no or very minimal challenge to it from Muslims.

The third stage and the final nail in the coffin will be shift of all economic institutions including private, public and transnational into Israel. If the movement of the US embassy to Jerusalem and the Russian recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital came as a surprise, then movement of headquarter of major international banks, equity companies, non-banking financial institutions, agencies of the United Nations, international financial institutions, international political institutions, FMCG companies, energy giants, etc, will be shock and awe. This will surely destroy the US world order and replace it with a world order of Zionists. When this will happen, it would be a death blow to all the leading Muslim countries especially Pakistan who’s economic, banking and monetary systems are tied to the US, will become overnight zero. The deception of the collapse of the USSR was that USA became the lone superpower but the collapse of the USSR made its successor state to come firmly under the system of Zionists who were the actual winner with usage of USA as their cover. Now is the ripe time to make happen the sum of all fears, the collapse of USA with shift of its financial muscle to Israel. After having lost its status as superpower, USA like Russia will reel and align itself with the Zionists and become their ardent follower in the destruction of the only remaining opposition which would be from certain Muslim countries.

Elements from within Muslim countries are spreading rumours that winning against these non-attributable military and non- military Zionist incursions are lost causes and hopeless with any or all countermeasures surely to backfire. This narrative is also well designed, defined and propagated especially through mainstream media. However, there is still hope and ways to counter this greatest threat faced by Muslims. It begins with comprehensive and immediate destruction of terrorist groups especially Al Qaeda, Daesh and their affiliates such as Al Nusra Front, etc. And the center of gravity currently is in Syria where Israeli forces under the guise of hitting terrorists is attempting for a breakthrough and establish a stronghold in collusion with Al Qaeda and Daesh from where to launch further military strikes into other Muslim states of the Middle East and beyond.

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