The Competitive Communalism in India!

 by Balbir Singh Soochhindu-terrorism-3

Was and or is always the ‘Competitive Communalism in India,’ the stage managed drama of government of India with the understanding of ‘ the reserved communal non-State actors’ to polarize the Indian society on political, social, economic, caste, cultural etc lines before every, and especially before the major election(s) in India as usual was the practice and accordingly electoral segments were brought into existence and made to provide space, for different candidates of the main political parties for the people living therein as per their communal choice and taste in their respective constituencies in India?

The reserved communal non-State actors were or are allowed to function openly or inconspicuously for the ‘Competitive Communalism i.e. the stage managed drama in India.

In fact, from the life experience in field and from the record and reports, it is clearly indicative that the minority communalism is only artificial creation, whereas, the majority communalism was and is real and ever existed in India.

And, the majority communalism is also being justified, defended and covered up under the head, ‘the Competitive Communalism in India’ or in the name as a reaction to “the minority communalism” in free and democratic India.

The net result of this all as going on, seems coming out openly that the minorities in India being advised and terrorized to the extent that they should accept status of second class citizen, otherwise, face the consequences in near future, while staying in India.

The majority communalism is supported by men in power including the administrative machinery controlled and managed by them, whereas, the minority communalism is a toy in the hands of men of the majority in power including the administrative machinery for the advantage of the majority (i.e. majority vote bank) and to the disadvantage of minorities in the spoiled Indian system.

The majority communalism does not include only hatred speeches of the communal majority leaders in different shapes, but it includes also selective or mass open killings-genocide, disclosed and undisclosed false encounters, disappearances etc of men, women, and children of minorities in connivance, with the rulers belonging to the majority and with the government of India.

But the minority communalism is a toy in the hands men of the majority in power, including the administrative machinery, controlled and managed by them as already stated as to why and how?

As noticed and opinioned earlier also, CM Narendra Modi of Gujarat and Mr. Rahul Gandhi, Vice President Congress party are part of ‘Hard Hindutva’ and ‘Soft Hindutva’ respectively, seems are moving conspiringly on their similar parties lines against the minorities in order to keep them under the ‘Hindutva’ by creating fear in their mind by their physical liquidation as well as politically harming them in all the manner in the Indian spoiled system. And, if, bringing such persons in the forefront continued, the break up or division of India would be certain and shall not be for away.

The Indian agencies net-work seems always being misused destructively against their own people by the rulers in order to divide and rule over them since independence under the garb of so-called democracy in free India in the absence of any constructive issues in hand for bringing prosperity in India.   The mainly unmanaged and mercy of rainy water is the only source of survival of India economically like in some other similar countries. When such countries expect for rain, they are always also worried and remain despair, if, too much rain came the wrong time, then the people leave their homes after their area flooded.

The most of the Indians are undeniably living faced the situation, much worst especially in the Villages of India.

To divert the attention of the Indians, as stated above, the competitive communalism i.e. the stage managed drama is always being enacted for the reasons best known to the Indian rulers, the agencies and some of the top stooges from the leadership of minorities in India.

Long back, some English economist in a TV talk, while participating in the conversation on the subject, related to the Indian economy, answered a question that India, normally, has no economic program except that India depends on the monsoon rains always.

The position looks not changed so far. But, it appears, the weapon of competitive communalism as a policy to rule, has become too sharp. disastrous and dangerous to ignore and cover up all such issues of importance, for the country, like prosperity, development, political awareness,  eradication of illiteracy and poverty etc, surely till the finally disintegration of India at the cost of endless human lives in bloodshed.


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