The Short-Sighted State of India

The Short-Sighted State of IndiaBy Zaheerul Hassan

On 17th August 2013 creativity, freedom and integrity of 17 Pakistani artists became prey to LoC tensions recently initiated by Indian army. The costly artworks were splintered into pieces by members of Bajrang Dal, an extremist Hindu youth organization as a protest to the alleged killing of  5 Indian soldiers in Poonch by Pakistan army. Apparently the hooligans of Indian youth from Bajrang Dal and Congress youth wing are going untamed and wild as they have also attacked Pakistan High Commision on Wednesday 21 august. They demanded PM Manmohan Singh to cancel the meeting with Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif in September. Earlier this month Captain Sarfaraaz of Pakistan army was martyred by Indian firing in Nakyal sector and a soldier Yasin was wounded. To top that yesterday two women were killed as well as seven civilians injured in the same area when Indian shelling struck the naïve villagers.

Now coming to the serious business, our dear neighbor must learn that this Indo-Pak war they are attempting to flare up will just not be another Bollywood action film. Indian army and politicians are utterly delusional that this time if they go down this path they can take us over as their US and UN counterparts are already suffering enough from economic meltdown due to so called GWOT. This leaves India alone with the strongest and only Islamic nuclear power state. According to authenticated sources and SIPRI (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute) database Pakistan is estimated to possess 90–110 nuclear weapons that can be delivered by aircraft and missiles and the stockpile is increasing day by day based on increased military plutonium-production capabilities. In addition, low range nuclear weapons, the size of a tennis ball were recently invented to target an area of 50-200 miles enough to destroy just their armed borders.

If today our opponents are assuming to confront the Pakistan of 1971 then they live in an abstract world. The Pakistanis do not just need only national holidays to show their patriotism. They can always stand up against any external threat. The ongoing august disputes raised by India are definitely infusing the spirit of September ’65 war in Pakistan when the sudden Indian thrust to invade Western borders of Pakistan was strike back  by Pakistani soldiers and Indian forces were kicked out within hours of start of fight. Pakistan army not only captured Indian posts in Wagha but also got hold of Khem Karan area from Indian Punjab. On 12th September Patric Seale of the ‘Observer’, London, stated Indian defeat as, “On the ground India has been driven to a stalemate. Seeking to disperse Pakistan’s smaller force she had dispersed her own. She has not made a single thrust in overwhelming strength on any sector of the front.” So before challenging the spirit and determination of Pakistanis, Indian media should remember people like M.M Alam, Aziz Bhatti and Shabir Shaheed.

Whatever games the Indian army and RAW are playing they must be aware that they are building a castle in the air, with them thinking to destabilize Pakistan. Any more strategic stupidity will harm India herself. The members of Indian Parliament also used stong tone against Pakistan saying that Pakistan should prepare for war. It can be mentioned here that congress should take into account that if it over estimates its power just to please the voters in the upcoming elections in India, the world will witness its collapse starkly.

Moreover, Indian media should understand that this new strategic policy their government is coming up with is plainly self-destructive because a few more LoC violations will ultimately lead to a hostile Indo-Pak battle and this time the use of only conventional arms by Pakistan would not be the case.
As for our media and some senior journalists I expect them to counteract Indian media’s propaganda. We should understand by now that India does not understand the language of “Aman ki Asha” so some of the immature and shameless hypocrites in our media should stop stacking dollars and expose the dark side of ‘Shining’ India instead. Let’s show them that your nationalism has not touched the rock bottom. It’s time to payback the propaganda war by RAW employed anti-Pakistan mafia. Being a Pakistani it is our duty to block non-state elements instead of mocking our own Armed Forces for sake of millions of foreign sponsorships. Your duty today is to spread nationalism to masses not chaos. Otherwise you will also be dragged by patriots in the same hell as our enemies.

The ongoing feuds designed by Indian government and army are a dangerous shift in South Asian politics. The fake accusations by India are quite blatant to expose the communistic darkness of shining India to International leadership. The ruling party actually venerates extremist Hindu groups like RSS, Bajrang Dal and VHP.

To sum it all up let us not get fooled by society that claims to be the best example of secularism because behind the secular triumph lies a ethically shattered community.

Our media pundits and government should know that Indian politicians are aiming to get Hindu majority votes by instigating negative feelings and emotions against Pakistan and its Army. In fact Indian politicians and military generals have forgotten the implications of war mongering and behaving immaturely while fueling the situation on LoC. Probably, they either underestimate or not aware of actual capabilities of Pakistani strategy of using it’s nuclear. Indian Political and military elite must know that Pakistan might not go for conventional warfare due to insufficient resources  and will  prefer in taking initiative of  launching nuclear in case of any future Indian  aggression, against Pakistan.  Thus, its better that India should try to defuse the situation and resolve the Kashmir and other issues with the bordering country for long regional peace and harmony instead fomenting terrorism.

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