Foriegn Troops in Afghanistan

A My Fellow Muslims,

As-Salaam Alay-Kum

First of all, I, Mohammed Rafiq Lodhia and the entire “Lodhia Family” wish

you and your beloved family a very happy Eid-ul-Adha.

Pardon me for not being able to set aside time to post my traditional

Eid greetings with a humane appeal on “MyFellowMuslims.org” blog. The

reason being that I was caught in furiously working on a project termed

as “THINK-a-little.”


Another shocking news of the death of forty-one people in the mosque in

northern Afghanistan during the Eid-ul-Adha celebration was so heart

wrenching that it is unbelievable. These deaths which included five children

ought to wake up all the Muslims. We just simply cannot continue to remain

as a bystander any longer. In case, you all are not aware, the United Nations claims that out of 1,145 civilians killed in the first six months of this year, around 80 percent of the deaths were caused by the “Muslims Terrorists.”   Granted that many so-called “Moderators” in the “Yahoo Groups,” and also a few other private ones seems to censor good messages consisting of a humane appeal, I therefore am taking liberty to pass on a few excerpts

received from my fellow Muslims in response to my letter addressed to President Barack Obama as follows:

I read your letter of plea to President Obama with profound    interest. I was amazed at your eloquence and depth of your

various quotations to make your points. As your letter shows     there are up-teen enlightened U.S. and Israel intellectuals

who are also struggling to be heard in the wilderness of the     U.S. and Israeli politics with their pleas for honest discourse

and for justice for the Palestinians. But to no avail. Why?    Because they don’t count politically in USA or Israel.

We are over 50 sovereign Muslim States and none of them     can lead and tell the world what can be done and actually do.

But beggars are not choosers. So Sir have a development plan.     Make yourself strong to take on the world in the world forums     intellectually. Then develop yourself economically and militarily.     Let the Muslim intellectuals who are stateless, most of them,     let them have a state. Come up with good ideas that are going     to work. Do not go by general clichés and generalizations.       Thanks for the sincere letter to the people of the Book. Briefly,    in my opinion it is time we the Muslims did some soul searching    to see whether we are following the words of the Quran and    Sunnah.

Excellent contribution of powerful words on behalf of all    Muslims in this country and abroad to various Presidents of

United States of America. …… (Sorry to omit a few praising    words).   Sadly, I am compelled to withhold the good names of these gentlemen respecting their privacy and fearing that where could well be a whole bunch of haters trying to lynch any sane and “Moderate Muslims” who dare to speak their minds. Quite frankly, I am “A Lone Ranger” having realized that as many of my messages gets censored, I have now come to a foregone conclusion that working on an independent blog, such as, “THINK-a-little” will enable me to get my viewpoint across the world. The blog which was created will be directed towards the U.S. Mainstream Media. Perhaps with a little bit of persistence and hard work this humble Muslim can help appeal to the

“American Public Opinion” about the sufferings of Palestinian people, and most importantly of engaging our young generation into constructive work and not a destructive one as we are witnessing all across the Middle East.  All in all, stay alert and be sensitive to the news that implicate us Muslims whenever any barbaric acts of the “Jihadists” with their wrongly held religious belief to scorch the earth makes headline in the newspapers across the world and the internet. Many of you proudly carry iPhones. Well then, why not “THINK-a-little” and ponder over the wisdom of Steve Jobs as


I’m an optimist in the sense that I believe humans are     noble and honorable, and some of them are really smart.

I have a very optimistic view of individuals. May Almighty Allah bless us and give us a small dose of courage to speak

our minds. If a fourteen year old Muslim girl named Malala Yousufzai can stand tall and confront the evildoers, so can every Muslims from all walks of life.

Very respectfully yours,

Mohammed Rafiq Lodhia


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