Tom Hanks: Cloud Atlas is movie art

Tom Hanks says his latest film, Cloud Atlas, is a ‘piece of art’.

The actor takes on six different characters in the sci-fi drama, which also stars Halle Berry and Hugh Grant.

The complex storyline required all actors to play multiple people and Tom believes the film could be a breakthrough piece of cinema.

‘This is a unique piece of art; it’s going to have a scope that’s bigger than anything I’ve ever seen,’ he gushed.

The 56-year-old and his co-stars were put through drastic costume changes in order to portray their multiple characters.

Tom says the unique experience allowed him to try a completely different way of acting.

‘It’s a type of fun that you don’t get to have in movies. Selfishly, it’s ridiculous amounts of fun. Professionally, it’s a ridiculous amount of work!’ he explained.

‘It’s been a once in a lifetime filmmaking experience. It will always be special and I’m always going to remember the experience and everything I got from it, and all the lessons [I learned],’ Halle added.

In order to change characters onscreen everyone spent hours in make-up, with some even using prosthetics.

Halle says the changing appearance of her colleagues caused some confusion.

‘It’s been amazing, day after day, seeing the other cast members in the make-up trailer and sometimes having conversations with people and then realising two minutes in like, ‘Oh my God, Hugh Grant, I had no idea that was you!’ It’s like, ‘Don’t I know you?’’ she laughed.


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