Transforming Axact’s Issue into Anti-Pakistan Campaign

By Zaheerul Hassan

Every one of us does acknowledge that internet media brought revolution and proved as tool of connecting world, emerged as the best source of knowledge, created jobs, introduced E-Commerce and E-Business, spreading knowledge through online books and education. Unfortunately, some criminal minded IT ex

epa02718822 UK national newspapers cover their front pages with news of the death of Bin Laden in London, Britain, 05 May 2011. President Barack Obama has decided that photos of the dead Osama Bin Laden should not be released. US officials had been discussing whether to publish pictures of Bin Laden's body to counter conspiracy theories that he did not die. Obama has said "We don't trot out this stuff as trophies." The al-Qaeda leader was shot dead in a raid on Monday by US special forces in northern Pakistan. EPA/ANDY RAIN +++(c) dpa - Bildfunk+++

perts used its characteristics notoriously and trying to turned it out as an abuse to the eccentric invention of 20th century. However, such bad experiences of this powerful gizmo offered chance to policy makers in framing IT laws and guidelines for its positive usage and take actions against the culprits.
Anyhow, the recent story of “Newsweek” exposed Dubai and Pakistani based Axact IT Companies’ malicious activities for earning millions of dollars by issuing of bogus online degrees of fake universities. However, Pakistani Federal Intelligence Agency (FIA) took stock of the situation and started an enquiry in the case of objectionable activities of money laundering, issuance of bogus degrees scam. Chief of the company Mr. Mughees Sheikh has also been arrested and FIA was able to recover enough data in connection with bogus degrees. The agencies have also found that the company has the linkages with 19 foreign based bogus online companies but none of the country has so far taken any legal actions against the countries or tried to get hold of their citizens involved in molesting betraying. Most of the money use to be grossed by blackmailing of bogus degree holders.
The Axact Company was also busy in campaigning of launching the country’s largest media enterpriser “TV Channel BOL”, when “Newsweek” broke out its story against the company. Since start of investigation of scam, more than 2400 employees including renowned anchors either left the Channel or became jobs less and fighting or worried for their future. They were employed on very handsome packages in BOL Channel. Although, many of them trying to join back their former channels but their previous employs or owners of media groups are not ready to accept them on same wages and terms and conditions. Anyhow, regardless to problems, there is a need to investigate that how and who have floated that much heavy funding for launching of channel, “BOL”. At the same time, FIA needs to interrogate that whether Axact Company has made a plan to hide its malicious activities under the garb of launching media group or purpose of running of such a fraudulent business was only to make money. Of course, while exploring, FIA should also probe the ongoing rifts between media groups and affiliation activities of major media groups, their owners and anchors persons.
BOLThe investigation agency is trying to reach the conclusion. In this connection, FIA has also decided to approach other countries for seeking valuable information their respective governments. The information certainly assists the investigation agency to lead towards directions and veracious conclusion. Pakistan Custom Department and FIA also examined the record of payment of custom duty on the important equipment of BOL electronic.
At this occasion foreign media including India and some of Pakistani media instead appreciating own interrogative agencies, have negatively started criticizing Pakistani government’s steps against Scam University and channel. In fact, major foreign media probably has been tasked to depict Pakistan as failed state and therefore trying to transforme Axact’s Issue into Anti-Pakistan Campaign.

Practically speaking, foreign intelligence agencies are implementing their anti-Pakistan agenda while staging militant actions covertly and openly in Pakistan. In this regards they have devised three pronged strategies; continuity in propaganda warfare, create ethnic and religious rifts in the community and lastly, sponsored terrorism through direct or indirect actions in affected areas.

According to the responsible political and military elite, intelligence agencies of neighing countries are committed in fomenting terrorism in Pakistan. Recent incidents of Mistung and killing of police personals in Quetta are the stripped examples of Indian sponsored militancy in that 20 individuals from Pathan tribes have been gun downed and many injured. The purpose of targeting innocent passengers were to create anarchy and create hindrance in the development of The China–Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project. In this regard India has already shown concern over strategic cooperation between China and Pakistan. Islamabad had dismissed New Delhi concern against CPEC.
Coming back toward the topic, I would like to add here that “Seymour M. Hersh” is though a renowned journalist and writer but most of the time chooses controversial topics which ultimately turning or ending in sensitizing some set covert agenda against Pakistan. For instance, his reports on “Pakistan nuclear programme”, “The Killing of Osama bin Laden” and alleging that Pakistan security agencies and Inter-services Intelligence (ISI) clearly exposing motive of foreign media .

Lastly, Pakistani government should devise procedures to take actions against all those companies and individuals who remain committed in deceiving and attracting innocent people in the name of brighten their futures. At the same time, once again there is a need to educate the people about local and foreign based bogus universities.
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