Turkey supports Pakistan at Chicago Summit

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Turkish support and sincerity has never been in doubt but this became more vocal this week during visit to Pakistan by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the role played by Turkish President Abdullah Gul at the NATO Summit at Chicago. Gul not only backed Pakistan’s position on crucial issues at the summit but also, during bilateral talks with president Asif Ali Zardari, expressed his deep commitment to further deepen ties with Islamabad in different fields especially economy and trade.

Turkish endorsement of Pakistan’s principled position on issues like reopening of supply routes and us apology over Salala aggression is meaningful in that it is member of the NATO and its voice is being heard in the organisation. The support of turkey is very important as it comes at a time when others are unduly pressurising Pakistan on issues involving re-engagement with the United States and NATO. As President Gul was expressing support at Chicago, his Prime Minister did the same in Islamabad and remarks made by Erdogan during his joint news conference with Prime Minister Gilani on Tuesday are widely being acclaimed by people of Pakistan. He called for resolution of the issue of NATO supplies through dialogue adding that suspension or reopening was sole prerogative of Pakistan and favoured the country’s demand for an apology by the United States over Salala tragedy. Otherwise too, the nature of activities of the Turkish Prime Minister during his stay in Islamabad, his utterances and signing of nine accords for expanding cooperation in different fields speaks volumes about the depth of relations between the two countries. Speaking at the news conference, Erdogan urged Pakistani leaders not to fight with each other as their people will get nothing but sufferings. He expressed concern over political standoff in Pakistan and met PML (N) leader Mian Nawaz Sharif in the afternoon, which is being seen as part of his efforts to help cool down the situation and concern about well being of Pakistani people. There is tremendous goodwill and determination on both sides to take their relations to new heights and we are sure this model relationship has the potential to benefit people of the two countries immensely.

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