Unforgettable everlasting impact on Mila Kunis

Mila kuins Mila Kunis was among the lucky ones star who successfully worked with Robin Williams many times and over the course of hismillion storied, Oscar-winning career and, in previously unpublished remarks from an interview she gave during that time, she was already calling him a person who had made a lasting impression on her life with just a few words.
Talking to Esquire in 2012, when she was shooting The Angriest Man in Brooklyn with Williams, Kunis recounted a story about meeting him when he was filming a scene on the same lot as That ’70s Show one day—and she never forgot what he told her. “And so many times you meet people they don’t impact you,” she told Esquire, per the excerpt the mag released following Williams’ sudden death on Aug. 11. “You meet them and they’re gracious and they’re nice, and then there are some times when I’m being super quiet, and he just kind of turns to me and he said, ‘What’s your name?’ you meet somebody and they say one thing and for the rest of your life you carry that one thing and they don’t even know that they impacted your life. So here’s Robin Williams…and we were talking and
“And I said, ‘I’m Mila.'”


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